Will Fan Heartache Spur on Raiders Future Success?2 min read

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In sight of the recent agreement to move ‘The Raiders’ from their current home of Oakland to the bright lights of Las Vegas, I can sympathize immensely with how the community of Oakland must been feeling right now. To have lived and breathed Raider nation for virtually all their lives and have their dream ripped away from them in a matter of months must be a gut wrenching feeling. The raiders franchise seem to be ripping out the heart and soul of a die-hard community for what appears to be the lure of bright lights and the opportunity to maximize profits, which again, I understand.


Will fan heartache spur on or hinder the Raiders future success?

The raiders franchise after all is a business as well as a sports team. Logically speaking, a move to Las Vegas is a great move for the board currently residing in Oakland. This move should get football fans around the globe excited with the possibility of watching one of the greatest games played in the state of Nevada sends shivers down my spine. In an already heavily tourist based state the amount of traffic going through the stadium on visits and even the purchase of merchandise would be tremendous. This all goes towards clarifying that this relocation will be a great move.

These next few weeks will be interesting as the story develops. Especially if some of the players utilize social media to express their opinions but to take you back to the beginning. Although the possibilities of what could happen are endless. The bitter truth is the state of Oakland, known for is great memories like the purple curtain and multiple Superbowl wins, will no longer have a NFL franchise playing out of it. When the first game is played and the players run out onto the field in Las Vegas they will look around at the crowd going wild, but it won’t be the same.

They will see the crowd cheering for a game of football, that’s it. The children and even adults who have worshiped them daily won’t be there. The connection they have with the fans won’t be there. The Oakland Raiders will always live as a memory that will forever be celebrated throughout the whole of the NFL community, but for now the Las Vegas Raiders will have a very exciting next couple of years ahead of them and I for one am intrigued to see where this story will end Superbowl 52? Who knows, the possibility will forever be there.

What are your views on the Raider’s move to Las Vegas?

Got an opinion on how the Las Vegas move will affect the Raiders? How do you think it would benefit them if Marshawn Lynch came on-board? How do you feel about the Raider’s move? Let us know in the comment box below.


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