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Ewan Hollander

Just sharing things that interest me in the hopes that they interest others as well

The internet has provided countless people with access to a (virtually) unlimited amount of information. It has given people from urban, sub-urban and rural areas access to data and advice to improve their lives ten fold. It goes without saying that the internet has helped advance the human race far beyond where it would be without it. But for all the good is provides, the internet also gives nefarious people with anonymity. If people are so inclined, they can break international laws from behind a computer. In some cases, it can lead to the grooming and subsequent abuse of children and teens under the age of consent. That is where groups like Dark Justice come in. In a world in which monsters prowl on the underage online, groups like this are providing an invaluable service to society.

So who are Dark Justice?

Dark Justice are a paedophile vigilante group. They are a group of online journalists that pose as children under the UK age of consent in order to catch online child groomers. They gather evidence and eventually meet with the online predators. Their evidence has been used in court and have successful lead to prosecutions. Here are some facts about Dark Justice and what they have achieved since 2014.

  • Helped arrest 104 potential sex offenders
  • Directly contributed to the conviction of sex offenders
  • Their evidence helped secure 27 out of the 50 convicted sex offenders a jail sentence

Needless to say, Dark Justice go above and beyond the call of duty to catch online sexual predators and child groomers.

How do Dark Justice work?

The group have said that, “When conducting our investigations, we never approach anybody first. Instead, we set up a profile and wait for messages. When we receive a message, we reply immediately and tell them that we are underage.”

“A lot of them will wanna talk [before meeting] – a guy we caught the other day I’d been talking to for nine months. He talked to this girl just after she turned 13 to just after she turned 14 – over a nine-month period. But some of them have been a couple of hours – it depends how eager they are or how desperate they are.”

When a meeting is set up and the suspect is spotted by Dark Justice, they ring the police and report the crime. The suspected groomer is then confronted with a camera and asked about their actions and intentions. What happens if the potential predator does not turn up? The information is still passed across to the police. If you are so inclined, you can review their closed cases and see the abhorred things these convicted peadophiles have said. Below, you can find a few videos of Dark Justice confronting men who have planned to meet with children. All these videos are searchable on YouTube.

In April this year, a Judge ruled that evidence gathered by paedophile hunters could be used in court to prosecute defendants. The action came when the legal teams of two men caught by Dark Justice argued that the use of evidence gathered by such operations “diminished the integrity of the court process” and that the groups should be regulated. The Judge (Mr Justice Langstaff) ruled in favor of Dark Justice. He said that there were no legal requirements for the activities of Dark Justice to be subject to controls.

Who are the other anti-paedophile groups?

Dark Justice are not alone in their crusade to cleanse the internet of sexual predators. Other groups exist globally to help protect children online. Some of these groups include Perverted-Justice, Jewish Community watch (specifically looking at child sexual abuse in the Orthodox community in New York, Letzgo Hunting, Silentlambs, LambsRoar, Creep Catcher, Wanted Pedo among others.

These groups may be doing a valuable service but they have had their fair share of criticism.

What are your views?

What do you think of groups like Dark Justice? Are they needed to police the internet or are their methods extreme? Let us know in the comment box below.

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Ewan Hollander

Just sharing things that interest me in the hopes that they interest others as well