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Checking articles and providing authors with assistance since '16 - [email protected]

It has been just under 6 months since we founded Soapbox – The Social Magazine.  In that time, quiet a lot has happened. We have published over 150 of your articles which, in turn, have been seen by almost 10,000 people. We have made some back-end changes to help your articles get picked up by search engines more readily and improved the overall structure of the site. The distribution channels Soapbox uses have grown and will be outlined below. Most importantly, authors have hit the 500 minimum views threshold and have received their percentage of the advertising revenue.

Soapbox website changes

At Soapbox, we have made a number of changes to the website to further engage audiences and help distribute your content. Our social magazine now features a new comment box below each article. This comment box links with individual’s Facebook accounts and allows them to comment, not only on sp-bx.com, but also on Facebook at the same time. This feature is especially useful when it comes to helping your articles spread far and wide.

Soapbox now offers you a fresh new way to subscribe to and receive the content that you are interested in. We have just enabled a service that lets you receive your preferred content by using desktop push notifications. You have access and receive the content even if you’re not on our website or in a browser. Want to know the best thing about our new push notification function? Its free and incredibly simple to use. Only 1 click needed! Desktop push notification technology is similar to smartphone push notifications from apps, except you receive these straight on your desktop. When visiting sp-bx.com using Edge, Safari or Chrome, you will see a pop up window in which we ask to send push notifications in the Notification Center and two options: “Allow” and “Don’t Allow”. All you have to do is select allow and we will be able to instantly notify you about new content the moment we publish.  If you select “Don’t Allow” it will not appear again.

The push notifications only work on desktop computers for now and are can be managed on the Managing Soapbox Notifications page.

You may also have noticed a bar at the top of sp-bx.com asking you to Like us on Facebook. This is Hello Bar. It is yet another way that we are trying to better engage with our audience to help connect our readers to our authors. Everyone here at Soapbox would be very appreciative if you were to like us on Facebook. It will assist us in fulfilling our pledge to our authors – to help them reach ever widening audiences.

Distribution channels

Soapbox has been using Facebook (@soapbx) and Twitter (SP_BX) since we started publishing. In the last 6 months, we have expanded our distribution channels. Now we push your articles out through: Apple NewsMedium, Linkedin, Pintrest, Alltop, News Republic (SPARK), StumbleUpon and Flipboard. These channels are in place to help ensure the articles that you put time into writing get out to as wide (and as relevant) an audience as possible. Our most successful authors market their own articles as well via their own social media profiles. If you have any questions about writing for us, contact us, otherwise why not join up today? Its free, quick and easy to do.

 What would you like to see here?

Here at Soapbox, we want our site to serve both the readers and writers alike. So, as Soapbox’s editor, I want to know what you would like to see from us. Send me your wishlist. New ways to distribute? Changes to the website? New directions to take the business? Whatever it is, let me know. You can leave your ideas in the comment box below or (if you wanted to do it more anonymously) you can email [email protected]. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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[email protected]

Checking articles and providing authors with assistance since '16 - [email protected]

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