What Are The Benefits Of Using Gravity Boots AKA Inversion Boots?

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The painful thing that everyone experiences is back pain and this can ruin the daily routine of a person. The primary cause of back pain is compressed discs and this results from gravity. So, inversion therapy offers great benefits to people with back pain. Inversion therapy is used by millions of people across the world to get instant relieve from back pain and you can also be the part of this statistic with the use of gravity boots AKA inversion boots. These are the cost effective and easy to use boots that are designed mainly for inversion therapy to get relief from back pain.

What are gravity boots?

Gravity boots aka inversion boots are the best tools for people who want to do inversion therapy or need an alternative to inversion tables. These boots actually look complicated, but in reality the gravity boots are just similar to normal boots but with special features. The primary difference is that after tightening the straps on ankles, you need to attach yourself to sturdy bars so that you can hang upside down. The inversion boots usually come in a variety of sizes, shapes that are perfect for people with back pain and it offers the benefits of inversion therapy without causing any damages. one most amazing this they can easily get paired with your any type of gym outfits.

People who are involved in inversion therapy can make use of these boots. With the help of these inversion boots one can easily hang upside down. The gravity boots are really very safe and secure as long as the strap are in place and you don’t have to worry about tumbling down from the pull-up bars. The gravity boots are actually beneficial for people that are having extreme level of pain in their back as it minimizes the strain on larger back muscles while you hang up upside down. The gravity boots are designed to cause two important things. This includes stretching the spine and enhancing the blood circulation to extremities.

What are the Benefits of Using Gravity Boots?

Great for Abs Workout

It is really very challenging for people to develop six-pack abs. But with the use of gravity boots things may seem easy and faster. With just two pieces of equipment – a strong pull-up bar and straps to secure the boots and prevent falls – you can do inverted sit ups with gravity boots. Since you will be crunching towards ankles, you will have no option rather than using every single part of the core muscles. This will offer range of motion which leads to efficient workout for six-pack abs.

Reduce Muscle Spasm

Some of the intensive workouts like weight lifting, HIIT and jogging can cause overuse of the muscles. So, while taking a break you can integrate restful inversion with the use of weighted gravity boots which can boost the recovery period.

Spinal Stretch

You will be totally upside down with nothing holding you but the sturdy bars and in such scenario you will be stretching your spine during the entire period of inversion. This will efficiently strengthen the core muscles. Since the gravity boots won’t put pressure on other parts of your body, this is the ideal option for people with muscle pain who can’t hold up the weight which is must for Yoga inversions.

Higher Flexibility

The great part of the gravity boot is that it can be attached to any bar and this gives you higher flexibility to administer the inversion therapy from anywhere. However, at the beginning you will require the assistance of professionals who will help you acclimatize with the boots and over time you will become expert and you will be able to perform the therapy from anywhere without any help. Moreover, they are portable too.

Easy on Your Ankles

The gravity boots are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and it is designed with added padding for optimal comfort. The extra padding integrated in the boots prevent the boot from tripping or slipping off the bar and this ensures that you are safe always while performing the therapy session or the other workouts with the gravity boots. These were some of the known benefits that you can enjoy with the gravity boots. There are also other workouts that you can perform with the inversion boots.

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