What Are The Benefits Of SAP HANA Enterprise?

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When it comes to cloud computing, SAP HANA Enterprise cloud is the most popular solution. Most of the business owners in the present scenario prefer to invest in the solutions that are secure and scalable. This is why SAP HANA has become popular amongst the businesses of varying sizes. The SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC) provides infrastructure as a service along with fully managed services to host all the SAP HANA and Non-HANA applications such as CRM, SAP BW, and SAP ERP, or any other third party applications. This cutting-edge platform combines both the analytical and transactional functions in memory, so that you can act on the insights in real time. Moreover, it can also be utilized to extend cloud and on-premises software.

Some of the important benefits of SAP HANA Enterprise that might seem appealing to the business owners are as follows:

Easy and Rapid Deployment

One of the focal points is the ease of deployment and SAP HANA enterprise for cloud guarantees rapid deployment process. The process is made simple and easy so that the users do not find any problem while working. It also gives built-in operations and management capabilities which enables faster implementation time.


Optimization is something which has become a cynosure in every field; therefore the cloud does not come in exception. SAP HANA enterprise for cloud ensures complete optimization through the detailed support.

Enhanced ROI

Since SAP HANA cloud does not requires huge capital investment in hardware and software, it fetches more active services with minimum amount of risk.

Manifold Features

SAP HANA enterprise has myriads of features allowing you to build, manage and deploy cloud based applications for the enterprise. They can go with your extending SAP solutions or Non AP solutions, and also you can even extend them in the cloud. With the help of many subscription models and other services for databases, you can have easy access to SAP HANA’S power.


SAP HANA enterprise provides efficient connectivity through the cloud connectivity service. Therefore, you can streamline the integration of the novice applications which will result in the lower cost of ownership.

Faster Go-live

You can easily build and deploy customer and business applications rapidly while ensuring that the new functionality meets the emerging needs of the firm. It also helps in enhancing the customer experience leading to more and more customer satisfaction.

Innovative Solutions

SAP HANA enterprise is a smart and effective solution of cloud computing and ensures innovative solutions for your business. The desired service provider provides you a comprehensive portfolio of the cloud which ensures quick innovation.

Robust Implementation

One of the outstanding features of the SAP HANA enterprise for cloud ensures that all the applications will run smoothly since these are implemented following all the right methods. The users investing in SAP HANA are entitled to an affordable prototype that their own machine data will be stored in the SAP cloud environment. Most importantly, the users can develop a strong business case and make an estimation of the budget required to industrialize the solution.

With these benefits, SAP HANA enterprise for cloud becomes a preferred choice for the business owners. So, if your business is experiencing an upswing in its growth and you are looking for a robust cloud solution, investing in SAP HANA enterprise would pan out to be a profitable decision for your business.

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