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Ewan Hollander

Just sharing things that interest me in the hopes that they interest others as well

Besides a watch, a wallet is one of the few accessories a man carries on him daily. Being an item that is always within reach, a wallet should be styling whilst still keeping your money and cards safe inside. But what if your wallet could do so much more? What if, besides holding your money and cards, your wallet was able to charge your phone? What if it alerted you if it was taken? Volterman contemplated these questions and came up with their new Smart Wallet.

But can it hold all your receipts

Volterman Smart Wallet

Being 2 years in the making and having met its Indiegogo funding campaign within a couple of hours, the Volterman Smart Wallet is the epitome of market leading innovation, technology and style. As mentioned above, the Smart Wallet has an embedded power bank to charge your devices, a distance alarm system, a global GPS tracking system and a camera to see who has your wallet (be it picked up by accident or stolen). It even has a built in WiFi Hotspot for those areas lacking good signal quality.

Volterman have said that they wanted to create a product to help protect against pickpocketing as well as the reduce the hassell of having to cancel & order new bank cards. They also wanted to help limit the potential data theft a lost or stolen wallet can lead to.

“We’ve seen huge growth in the smart wallet market in recent years.” said Azat Tovmasyan, co-founder of Volterman, “But there are limitations with the functionality. Some offer a power bank or security alarms, but they only react at a distance of 20 meters, not more. Volterman is the only wallet that offers a global tracking service, power bank, portable WiFi, and other essential features — all wrapped up in a slim, light-weight and stylish design. It really is a market leader. That’s the reason it’s gained so much traction on Indiegogo so quickly — it addresses a need.”

What are the safety features?

When it comes to securing your data and protecting your money, the Volterman Smart Wallet encompasses some heft safety features. Once in ‘Lost Mode’, the wallet will take a photo anyone who opens it, sending that image via email to its owner. The GPS tracker works worldwide, and is accurate in any part of the world, while in-built RFID protection secures against data reading and identity theft.

But are these safety features going to impact the wallet’s look and style? As impressive as the security features are, the Volterman team have not developed them at

the cost of usability or functionality. The wallet itself is slim and stylish, and looks much the same as its ‘low-tech’ premium ancestors. Volterman have three types of Smart Wallet for you to choose from: Cardholder, Bifold and Travel. All three have the same functionality but differ slightly in style, size and power bank capacity. Best of all, the Volterman Smart Wallet is the same price as its high end competition.

Will you be getting one?

What do you think of the Volterman Smart Wallet? Would you be looking to get one for Christmas this year? Let us know in the comment box below now.

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Ewan Hollander

Just sharing things that interest me in the hopes that they interest others as well