Video Games – Old Boys Club or Just For Girls?2 min read

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Video games – a gateway to other realms, stories and worlds that books just cant compete with anymore. With graphics being at its highest, and advancements in Virtual Reality now leaving other forms of media behind in its dust. The video game industry has an ever growing community of people getting together online and offline to share gaming experiences. Forums, message boards and publications dedicated to gaming.

Mine started with my father’s Sega Master System in the early nineties. To this day I don’t remember a time in my life where there wasn’t a console in my home. Video games were our lives!

So, the title, what’s the point here? when I was growing up, female gamers were rarer than unicorn blood. Simply put, it just didn’t happen, or if it did, it was a lone misfit who hung out with the boys, ( yes, that’s me ). It didn’t become cool for girls to even come out and say they like video games until I was about 16. Even then, it was simulation games and dress up games on the computer. It ended up being stereotypical “girly” games. Then the stigma began.

Video Games - Old Boys Club or Just For Girls?

Now this isn’t to say this is true for all cases but there is a lot of sexism in gaming, and its community. More times than not, the girl is always targeted as the weaker ones in games. Sometimes, they are seen to only be as good as her iron clad bikini is. Female gamers are subject to a lot of hate, for doing the same thing as the guys.. Is this logical? I think not..

Fast forward to last year.  I recently found a report saying that more girls than ever are playing video games. A massive 41%  of females have joined the party! I think with statistics like these, the attitude towards female gamers, (“grl gamers” are a totally different story) needs to stop. I’m very sure its not all so one sided, and there is comeback from the ladies too, but just be kind to one another. With everything going on in the world today, we need it.

Talk about your experiences

Are you a female gamer who has suffered negativity online? What are your views on the statistic above? Leave your messages in the comment box below!

Video games are for everyone. Be kind online.


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