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Hello People and I'm Rob and I write Blogs for Bandicoot Warrior I mainly review games, music and films and also do some discussions on these topics Check out my Site below

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Did someone say, Zombies!?

That’s right, today we are going to be discussing our Resident Evil 2 review!

Price Paid – £40

Hours Played – 3 Hours (Plus 30 Minute Demo)

Platform Used – Playstation 4

Okay so let’s jump straight in!


On September 29, 1998, two months after the events of the first Resident Evil, most citizens of the Midwestern American mountain community Raccoon City have been transformed into zombies by the T-Virus, a biological weapon secretly developed by the pharmaceutical company Umbrella.

At a gas station outside of town, Leon, a rookie police officer meets Claire, a college student looking for her brother Chris. The gas station is overrun with zombies and the two narrowly escape in a police car.

Shortly after entering Raccoon City, Leon and Claire agree to meet up at the Raccoon Police Department. Both make it to the station at different times, but find it infested by zombies and other monsters. One of which is the T-00 also known as MR X!, the latest model of Umbrella’s Tyrant line of bio-weapons, dispatched to hunt down and kill any survivors.


With the story, it is basically the same as the original release but more advanced and looks better with the gameplay and from the 3 hours I’ve played I’ve really enjoyed doing back in time playing this classic as well as actually trying to complete it this time.



The gameplay to this game is completely different from the original it is so much better, no dodgy camera angles, over the shoulder shooting mechanics and a better controlling system to control your character as well as inventory. Capcom didn’t hold back on this remake and it is a well-deserved remake in my eyes.



The weapons are practically the same as the original just buffed up and sound beefier when ripping through zombies and lickers. but the whole ammo and weapons on this game looks amazing and well the ammo is still hard to get and replenish.



The zombies on this game are better than the original they are more intelligent and the AI on these zombies are so much better as well it’s like they know your next move sometimes and they are also harder to kill as well, another plus is that Capcom has done it so when you kill a zombie they stay in the game in the original they would disappear when they were killed after you left the area, in the remake they stay where they died making it more realistic.


Game Modes

So before I begin on game mode yesLiteral Tofu is back in this game you can run around as a block of tofu!


Anyway back to game modes, there is a game mode called Ghost Survivors which follows the story of 3 different people within the Resident Evil 2 story I haven’t played this myself yet but from what I’ve seen these look fun and extend the gameplay on this game that little longer.



The DLC on this game is not bad at the moment it’s just guns and costumes but it’s nice to see Capcom giving the players different items and free items I’ve not tried running around with the 1998 Leon costume yet but maybe my second run through I’ll give it a go.



So for this excellence game, I’m giving this game a 5/5!

This game has bought back so many memories of me playing these games back on the PlayStation one and also made me get back into playing Resident Evil’s and I’m also thinking about playing the books as well to read.

Well Done Capcom!

Bandicoot Warrior 5 Stars

 What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

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Hello People and I'm Rob and I write Blogs for Bandicoot Warrior I mainly review games, music and films and also do some discussions on these topics Check out my Site below

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