Updated: Fallout 76 News And Details

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Ewan Hollander

Just sharing things that interest me in the hopes that they interest others as well

Updated: Fallout 76 news and details. With Fallout 76 being announced, are you feeling excited or apprehensive? The gaming community seems to be split with some gamers looking forward to the prospect of an online Fallout universe whilst others are nervous about being always online. Additionally, with microtransactions now confirmed for Fallout 76, long time fans are worried that the core gameplay that has made the Fallout series famous will be altered into something unrecognisable. Microtransactions also brings the added threat of paying to win. With a game built heavily around a strong story line and rich lore, having no NPCs (only human players and robots) is causing concern for players wondering how this game will fit into the extended universe.

Where will fallout 76 be set?

As mentioned by Bethesda at their E3 showcase:

Fallout 76 is a prequel to all the other games and it’s the biggest one yet, it is four times the size than Fallout 4. Set in the hills of West Virginia you are one of the first to emerge into an untamed and very different wasteland” You can find a trailer for the game below.

How will Fallout 76 work?

In a documentary that outlines the making of Fallout 76, it is explained that Bethesda are trying to make the game fun for both single players as well as those wanting to play co-op. In doing so, Bethesda have tried to create something that is not only satisfying, but also repeatable, a “cyclical endgame; a never-ending nuclear war”. This is how it will with:

Within Fallout 76, the players will have to work together to solve puzzles. These puzzles will grant them access to nuclear codes. The players can then launch the nukes to destroy giant “Scorch Beasts” and seal their fissures. The location of the bombs will be marked up on the map when the bombs fall, regardless if other players are in the vicinity or not.

As a result of the nuclear bombs, the ensuring radiation “levels up” the world’s flora and fauna, resulting in rarer material and items drops. The developers have confirmed that they will be returning to the Legendary System but have added even more tiers. After blowing up the area you can then investigate to see if enemies had fallen or if there is exotic loot to grab as well as any new enemies to conquer from radiation.

Over time, that affected area’s radiation will fade down and be restored. Different areas of the Fallout 76 map will grant players different items meaning that wiping out the same area repeatedly could result in lowered returns.

How will PvP work in Fallout 76?

With Fallout 76 transitioning into an online survival games, fans are concerned with how PvP (players vs player) will be handled. In an interview with Variety,  Bethesda’s Pete Hines addressed PvP in Fallout 76 and assured fans that the game will not be PvP focused.

It is important to note this is not just a full-on PvP game where you get in the world and everyone shoots everyone,” Hines told Variety. “It’s more like a challenge to another player.

Hines went onto say that Bethesda is currently working on anti-griefing systems for the game. This means that you won’t lose all your items if you’re killed by another player. He also mentioned:

…a revenge thing you can opt into and try go to head-to-head.

What Fallout 76 Editions will be available?

Fallout 76 Standard Edition

The standard edition of Fallout 76 comes with just the base game but is already available to pre-order.

Fallout 76 Tricentennial Edition

One step above the standard edition is the Deluxe edition, also known as the Tricentennial edition. You get the base game along with a variety of in-game bonus items. That includes the following goodies:

  • Tricentennial Power Armor Customization for the T-51, T-45, T-60, and X-01 Power Armors
  • Tricentennial Weapon Customization for the 10MM Pistol, Hatchet, and Laser Rifle
  • Spectacularly Handsome Vault Boy Mascot Head
  • Patriotic Uncle Sam Outfit
  • Celebratory Vault Boy Saluting Emote
  • First-Class Tricentennial Workshop Posters
  • Tricentennial Commemorative Photo Frame

But it on Amazon:  PS4 | Xbox One | PC

Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition

Along with the ingame bonus content oulined above, the Power Edition will include the following:

  • A Glow in the dark, 21inch by 21 inch, map of West Virginia;
  • A steelbook copy of the game;
  • 24 small figurines of people from the Fallout universe;
  • West Tek canvas carrying bag
  • A Power Armour Helmet with working headlamp and basically a voice changer.

Buy it on Amazon: PC

Will Fallout 76 have a B.E.T.A.?

Yes. it has been confirmed that Fallout 76 will have BETA. Players can get access and start playing once they purchase the Pre-Order.

Fallout 76 News and Details

Are you looking for more details about Fallout 76? Keep checking into Soapbox for the latest Fallout 76 news. Have a look at the following articles for further details and analysis of Fallout 76 content.

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Ewan Hollander

Just sharing things that interest me in the hopes that they interest others as well

Updated: Fallout 76 News …

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