UK General Election – #GE2017 – Pub’s and the Economy3 min read

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So we are into the final few days of campaigning, and god what a long four weeks they have been. We’ve seen attacks from party to party, attacks from party to individual, and horribly attacks on innocent people in Manchester and London. There seems to be no way that our once great nation can reform and gather its strength to re-emerge as a front runner in the world economy.

Well yes that seems the case, but let me put it to you this way:

Pretend if you can that the Conservatives have run a public house [this country] they started with a fully stocked cellar, tables, chairs, 50 staff, and a large bank loan to fund it all. After a few weeks they see that they are not making the profits they wanted to, so they sell all of the chairs in the pub [industries like the NHS for example] but there debt is increasing because they are barely making enough to cover the loan repayments.

Something must be done, so they decide to cut staffing costs [NHS and police for example], only Theresa May and Boris Johnson are left running the pub now doing all of the jobs that were shared by there 50 staff. Despite these cost savings fewer and fewer customers are coming in to the pub to drink. This is still not working, now the debt is spiraling out of control, the bank are demanding repayments be made, Theresa and Boris are tired and arguing about the state of things with no clear goal in sight, they make the decision to stop buying alcohol to serve to the customers, so now there expenditure is at zero pounds, but because of the cost to pay off the bank loan, and the cost to open the doors and heat and illuminate the pub, the debt is getting bigger and bigger by the second.

Along comes a potential publican [Jeremy Corbyn] who can take over things and turn it all around. Some people argue [Conservatives] that Mr Corbyn does not have the first idea how to run a pub [The UK] and so will do everything in their power to bad mouth and belittle this man and smear him with a hate campaign [just about every media outlet you can think of including the BBC and most newspapers].

Mr Corbyn doesn’t budge however, and is no fazed by the slander so he continues on and procures the rights to run the pub [UK Prime minister]. So how does he change this; well he buys alcohol, new tables and chairs, and re-employs the staff, plus increases he staffing levels to cope. And look the pub is thriving, customers are coming back day after day and bringing their friends and family with them, the bank loan is being decresed and Mr Corbyn’s pub is also starting to make a profit

I won’t tell you where to vote, how to vote, or who to vote for, but what I will say is do your homework before you decide to vote, only we as the public can be strong enough to make the right changes to this country, the politicians in charge have to listen to our voice if they want to win!


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