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Remo (TheRockBoxTv)

Remo (TheRockBoxTv)

Where music lovers can discover something new. We search the web for unsigned and emerging talent, musicians, bands, DJ's, Producers, online Radios, indie record labels, bloggers, vloggers and much more. To bring you "Top Class" music you wouldn't otherwise get to hear !

Hello Peeeple and welcome to my very first article here on Soapbox. Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Remo. I curate a small youtube channel and facebook page called TheRockBoxTv, where I introduce and talk about new music by unsigned, unknown, emerging bands, singer/songwriters, independent record labels, online radio stations and anything to do with music which is absolutely not mainstream.


I am very passionate about my music and have been working in the industry for almost fifty years now, as a professional musician/vocalist, composer, lyricist and also recording engineer and producer/arranger. I have had the pleasure, over the years, of covering, pretty much every role possible in the industry, I’ve worked with some of the most influential people in the music trade and have travelled and worked all over the globe.

I am lucky enough to be able to say that I currently live, in Italy, in a small town on the Mediterranean coast called Formia, which is halfway between Rome and Naples, where the weather is gorgeous, the food is excellent, the wine is exquisite and the people are wonderful and I work as a vocal trainer, in one of the best music schools in the region. You could say “a fulfilled dream of Sun, Sea, Sand” and of course lots of music.


Well, that’s enough of me ranting on about how lucky I am to be alive !

This week I’d like to review a superb new E.P. by a top quality, seasoned musician, DJ & producer called Claudio Fiore, entitled “Tribal Dance”. Released on the 9th June this year, on the independent record label ULTRASONIC Music Germany, the E.P. includes three beautifully written and produced tracks, a mixture of three dance music styles, starting with the title track with it’s African tribal house feel, moving through Deep House to end up with a lovely chilled Ibiza sound and last but not least, a bonus,  the club opener remix of the title track “Tribal Dance” for a total of four tracks, all excellent pieces of music

Claudio Fiore, all round musician, drummer, composer, DJ and producer, has been releasing electronic dance music since 2011, originally under the Sweet Sounds label and later under his own label Squirrel sounds. January 2012 sees the release of his debut album “24 Hours”, an awesome mix of original chill out, ambient and dance compositions, which was subsequently remixed and re-released on the Ultrasonic label, when he went on to sign with them later that year. Since then Claudio has released 11 full albums and 1 ep, if I’m not mistaken…. all of which are first rate and top class musical productions.

Ultrasonic Music are a German based digital record label founded some time ago by the world renowned DJ and producer Tom Cloverfield.
There aim… a noble one at that… is to bring together people from across the globe through music, with artists from all over the world releasing mainly Chill Out, Ambient, House, Electronica and Dance music. They boast a large catalog of different artists and styles, producing music and poetry together, creating a unique, dynamic synergy which they hope and I quote “can demonstrate Global Unity, Peace and International Friendship through music”.

Their main distribution is done on line through major download stores eg; iTunes, Beatport, Juno Download, Amazon and you can also find them on all the well known music streaming sites.
Claudio Fiore, who has become one of the main artists on the label, alongside founder Tom Cloverfield, produces and remixes under his own name, as well as under the alias Psychokinetic and has remixed for some excellent artists, including Cloverfield himself, Matt Purkis, Nik Fuller, Mari and Moses, Slimmie, Jugstate and many more. As well as creating music, he is also an established DJ, producing mixes for radio and podcasts worldwide and founder of the 24/7 on line radio station casafonda radio, which specialises in electronic underground music, where he hosts a show every Sunday at 7pm GMT.


Enough chit chat now, let’s get on with the music !

The title track “Tribal Dance”, a piece which really does set the scene for the rest of the E.P. offers two mixes of the track, the Club Opener Mix , which is in fact the first track of the collection and the “Original mix” which last, but not least, leaves you with that kind of “I want more” feeling, that you get when you’ve been eating peanuts or hot buttered popcorn, if you know what I mean. Hot and deep with a superb mix of complex rhythms and tribal chants, the track projects you into what could be a typical tribal gathering, somewhere in the deepest parts of the Mother Continent of Africa, if this doesn’t get your booty shakin’, nothing will !
The second track, “Iberian Groove” , has everything it needs to become an exceptional “Beach Buster” for this summer. Listening to it, I imagine people doing their aqua gym excercises at the waters edge, on the sun blessed beaches of the Iberian coast and Balearic islands, or blasting out of the car stereo in a convertible, driving to your favorite surf haven. A stunning blend of Afro Caribbean rhythms, with a retro style funky bass line and some sweet rhythm guitar riffs, that sit nicely over the top of a summery House beat and eventually drop into a gorgeous velvety vocal break. On the whole, I find the track, somewhat reminiscent of the old 80’s and 90’s dance music hits, when I was but a young dude, struttin’ ma stuff on the beaches and body surfin’ in the Mediterranean waves……. (Oh yes, I was a body surfer). If you’re in the middle of planning your vacation, this will definitely put you in the right mood.

The third and final hot and deep track is “Sundown” . After a day spent, under the hot sun by the waters edge on a sun kissed beach and bathing in the crystal clear sea water, this sublime, deep and cool piece, will certainly have that desired chill out effect. A typical sunset evening Deep House groove, with some warm, soft and breezy, insouciant synths that hover and float over the top of a trance like bass line and smooth house beat, will have you sitting at the beach bar, under a palm tree, with a cool cocktail in your hand, watching that stunning and magical, warm orange sun, set into the deep blue horizon.
Dream and enjoy….!
So that’s it, TRIBAL DANCE, the brand new release by Claudio Fiore on the Ultrasonic music Label. Overall an excellent collection of three completely different styles of House music all nicely packaged into one impressive 4 track E.P. that will put you in the mood for your well deserved holidays.

Are you a Claudio Fiore Fan?

Do you love listening to Claudio Fiore? Let us know your favorite track in the comment box below!


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Remo (TheRockBoxTv)

Remo (TheRockBoxTv)

Where music lovers can discover something new. We search the web for unsigned and emerging talent, musicians, bands, DJ's, Producers, online Radios, indie record labels, bloggers, vloggers and much more. To bring you "Top Class" music you wouldn't otherwise get to hear !