Travel Application Development Tips: How to Launch a Travel Agent Apps’ Business

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Kateryna Ganiukova
Passionate about IT world, writing, self-growth, and traveling! I love to explore the world and exchange thoughts with people from different countries and cultures. Got my master's degree in metrology, standardization, and certification. Currently work as a senior marketing and communication manager at software & Blockchain development agency - TECSYNT Solutions (

How does a perfect trip look for you? You probably have your personal list of points creating unforgettable impressions. Having all that demands by our side, we got used to sharing them with travel agents – they can make any dream come true. But what if travel agents now are closer than ever before?

With modern technologies, people don’t have to leave their couch in order to plan a breathtaking journey. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Thanks to travel app development, we’ve made a huge step towards a really comfortable trip planning. Now we’re going to figure out how exactly it happens and what you should know as an entrepreneur.

What Is a Travel Agent App and What Benefits Does It Provide?

Travel agent app is a multifunctional software product allowing users to plan a trip ahead, including researches on flights and hotels. This is one of the travel app types which is now considered to be one of the most profitable solutions for businesses.

If you have several ideas on building your own product, we’re pretty sure you’ve chosen the right direction. These are main points for you to think about:

1. Broad audience

Presently, people have the easiest access to traveling to any part of the world, and they actually use it quite often. Along with saving time for the transportation itself, travelers want to communicate less with travel agencies. So, if you decide to build a new tourism application, you will most definitely get a wide target audience.

2. A rapid business growth

Traveling is always a vivid impression, so people usually share their experiences. And trust us, if they meet a great application in the app store, they will tell other travelers about it. This information often appears on the web in the form of useful tips. You can be sure that in this case, the word of mouth will be a strong marketing instrument contributing to the growth of your business.

3. Tourism as a strong foundation

When you’re about to start your business in a certain sphere, an important step is to weigh risks. One of them is the fall of demand in your business environment. It must be a relief to know that people will hardly refuse to travel any time soon. So the branch itself serves as a strong platform where you can start your new venture.

The Key Features of Travel Agent Apps

The best mobile experience begins with a list of mobile app characteristics. We’re at TecSynt have gathered some basic features you need to know, which will help you stand out among competitors. Do you want mobile users to rate your app with five stars? This is where you should start.

1. Travel planning

Well, you might think that’s too obvious. But you should keep in mind that this point includes several features, and you have to decide how big this set will be. You can start only with a trip schedule and document storage, but it is possible to broaden up the functionality with tips for travelers or useful information about the trip destination.

2. Maps and navigation

We must include this feature into our list as we can’t actually imagine a tourism app of any kind without proper navigating abilities.

3. In-app booking

That’s what we expect a travel agent to help us with, but smartphones can do all dirty work instead. The more booking you offer the better – start with hotels and end up with cabs. And to give users something really special, don’t forget to pepper your product with special deals and offers.

4. Reviews from other travelers

Special offers are not the only thing people research when they’re booking a trip. Actually, when they have only a mobile app to plan everything, some human help will play a good role in your story. Let travelers help each other by leaving their recommendations on hotels, places, or services.

5. Local information

It is really cool if your app keeps users company in the foreign country or in the new city. It can be at least a scheme of the local transport, but in any case, it will be much appreciated as people will feel your helping hand. For the beginning, you should also consider adding local emergency numbers

6. Personal albums

That’s what only a modern mobile app can provide. By integrating a mobile camera with an application, users can create their real-time journal on the go and store all the precious moments in one place.

Now you have a lot to think about, but that’s barely all necessary points. The next step is to look closely at other factors influencing the final price.

What’s the Cost of Your Travel Agent App?

Eventually, the price of mobile development services will influence lots of your decisions, so the more you know the better you’re prepared. There is surely more than one factor which forms the final price, and these are the most important ones:

  • The number of features that you decide to implement. Many businesses begin with a simple MVP to see how the things will go – you can follow their example.
  • The mobile platform for the start. Depending on the audience, startups usually pick either iOS or Android for the first launch. This choice influences both time and money expenses needed for the development process.
  • Your personal efforts or an outsource team. It’s widely known that building a software product with your own efforts is a pricy matter, so you should carefully consider this point.
  • The size of the development team. Depending on how complex the functionality of your app will be and how fast you want to launch it, your project needs different numbers of participants.

Well, now your knowledge on the subject is wide enough to get to the main intrigue. With all the factors that influence the development process, the final price lies between $ 20 000 and $50 000. To figure out the exact number, get a free consultation from our team.

And a Bonus: How to Get Profit with a Travel Agent App

The finish line of all development activities is only the beginning of a much longer way. All entrepreneurs want to know what’s hidden behind the phrase “and they lived happily ever after” – in other words, how they can get back their investments. There are lots of ways to monetize your mobile product, but we suggest you three of them, which are the most suitable for your business.

Act as an agent

This first option is not very pleasant for all participants, but still, it is used by lots of existing tourism apps. In this case, an application becomes a middleman between customers and travel market players. For example, hotels have to pay for each transaction. And even though these conditions are not very attractive, it is sometimes the only way to catch the visitor’s attention.

Act as a merchant

This option also allows you to make money on the margin, but such margins are usually higher here. Long story short, the app’s representatives buy a certain number of rooms and sell it at the higher price. There are situations when the two approaches are mixed within one application, so it’s up to you how to play the cards.

Act as an advertiser

This is the most obvious and easiest way for a small startup to earn the first revenue. At the same time, some of the experienced market members, such as TripAdvisor, are fully driven by the ads. But to stay on track, an app should attract lots of traffic if it is going to use only the advertising model. You may also opt for adding some extra functionality along with advertisements.

Leave the Country but Never Leave Your Smartphone

A new traveling adventure is always a challenge for the man’s spirit, but travel application development takes lots of worries away. The more features you add to the app, the lighter your baggage may appear. Travel agent apps offer functionality for planning trips, booking tickets, and gathering info on local attractions.

People are really interested in such mobile products, so it’s a tempting idea for a new startup. The important thing here is to find a professional team of developers whose product will win hearts of numerous travelers.

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Kateryna Ganiukova

Kateryna Ganiukova

Passionate about IT world, writing, self-growth, and traveling! I love to explore the world and exchange thoughts with people from different countries and cultures. Got my master's degree in metrology, standardization, and certification. Currently work as a senior marketing and communication manager at software & Blockchain development agency - TECSYNT Solutions (

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