Top 7 Plumbing Problems You Can Fix Yourself

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Verne Johnson

Plumbing can be a big problem at times, especially for folks that are wary of cost. Making it even worse is that these pipe-related problems crop up at the least time expected. Hence, plumbers may not be immediately within reach or available at a moment’s notice.

Fast plumbers and gas engineers are ready to serve although there are cases where folks can try addressing their plumbing problems by themselves. There are several instances such as simple replacement of faucets or remedying common leaks. Step-by-step guides are available on the Internet or through some documentation, assuming these are basic problems that any individual can do.

The scenario may vary so it would be best to be reminded of the plumbing fixes that one can do. Below are some of the less complicated and risky scenarios for folks who plan to fix their pipe problems on their own.

Leaky Faucets

At some point, faucets will spring a leak that can either be a weak or strong drip. This could be in the kitchen, the garden or even the bathroom where the easiest recourse is to replace it entirely. There are cases where some faucet leaks are caused by the knob or improper installation. Try to apply some Teflon and then re-tighten it to possibly stop the annoying leak/s.

Clogged Drains

Drains are designed mainly to dispose of dirty or used water. However, there are times where some folks would also push down solid objects that account for clogging. Other than that, pouring down used cooking oil or grease can account for clogging. Aside from avoiding that, a common practice by most is either to use a plunger (in cases of stuck objects) or pouring hot water and liquid lye to clear out the drain.

Installing better showerheads or kitchen sprayers

Perhaps one of the easiest things to do without requiring the aid of a plumber is replacing and/or upgrading shower heads or sprayers for various reasons. One could be because they are busted while others prefer to get a different kind of water pressure when they are used. All one has to do is grab a wrench, add some Teflon and then re-install the new fixture and they are good to go.

Replacing the toilet flush or rubber stopper

Toilet tanks have their share of problems as well. Normally, this is when the water flows continuously, translating into the wasted water. There are several culprits such as the flush valve or even the rubber stopper. These are parts that can be replaced easily by simply by temporarily shutting off the water valves and lifting the toilet tank cover to replace the part/s needed.

Garbage Disposal Repairs

Similar to carelessly pouring down inadvertent liquids or objects to sinks, garbage disposals do have their share of the same issue. Thankfully, most modern ones do come with instructions and a hex wrench to address the problem. Before doing anything, make sure that the power to the disposal is turned off before trying any repairs.

Clogged toilets

There will be times when toilets will not flush properly. This could be caused by people trying to flush down some objects like tissues which have accumulated or even unloading big dumps. A plunger can help although some use buckets filled with water and pour them to push whatever is stuck and causing the improper flushing.

Heater repairs

Though technical to some, heaters can be fixed if the issue is not that serious. In case the heating acts up, one can inspect the blowers behind the burner flames. Like pipes, these need to be cleaned at times to make sure that they function properly. Make sure that the power is off, open the combustion chamber door and check out the burner and blower cavities. A simple brush cleaning should get it running well as new.

These are just some of the basic things an individual can do as far as plumbing. In cases where they feel that there is a bigger issue, consider the effort a temporary measure and seek the expertise of a plumber or gas engineer.

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