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Colin Farrell stars in The Lobster, an absurd, thriller/dark comedy set in a dystopian future.What I would imagine it might be like to be part of the Sea Org in Scientology, you’re there because you’ve chosen it but it something doesn’t quite feel right. No offence. Yep, that’s the best way to describe The Lobster.
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Directed by Yoros Lanthimos, who also wrote the film with Efthymis Filipou. The story moves at great pace, with lots of twists and turns, it keeps you on edge throughout. Beginning with newly single David (Farrell) who is arrested, as it is a crime to be so, and is moved into a hotel where he has 45 days to find a mate before being turned into the animal of his choice. He’s thought about this long and hard and has decided he’d like to be a lobster.  ‘With me so far?……..Good.David meets Limping Man (Ben Wishshaw) desperate to find a mate. He goes to great lengths to convince Nosebleed Woman (Jessica Barden) that they are a perfect match. Each pair has to share one thing in common…..I’ve left a clue for those paying attention.  Lisping Man (John C. Reilly) seems out on a limb and the three men form an alliance, of sorts. Hotel Manager (Olivia Coleman) runs a tight ship, putting the fear of God into anyone who dare disobeyeth the order of things.


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