Things You Should Know About Canadian Residence

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The procedure of obtaining a Canadian visa is straightforward; however, at times it may get a bit confusing and overwhelming if you are new to it or unprepared. From how to apply for permanent residence Canada to your rights as a visa holder, there is so much to know.

Canada is an inviting land for people interested in immigrating. However, immigration to a new country is not always easy.

Here are a few guidelines to understand the steps before you apply for permanent resident Canada.

Reason to immigrate Canada

Canada is one of the best countries of the world to live in. No surprise, why so many people wish to settle here. For the majority of immigrants quality of the lie is the main reason to choose Canada for permanent living.

It is worth stating that Canada tops the list when we talk about highest immigration rate out of all G8 nations. Immigrates constitute around two-third population growth.

Eligibility for immigration to Canada


There are many categories for immigration to Canada. You must check which suits you best. Here are some examples:

  • You have family member residing in Canada
  • You have a job offer from a Canadian employer
  • You are a skilled worker in a sector observing a labor shortage in Canada
  • You are interested in investing in a bank or a Canadian company
  • You want to start or invest in a business in Canada
  • You are a self-employed worker and hold experience in cultural, sport or agricultural sectors

How to decide the best option for you?

First, determine which province you would like to immigrate.

Your immigration status (worker, student, investor, etc.)

Decide different visas or immigration options available for you

Most important factors to keep in mind while immigrating to Canada

You will have to pass through two levels of screening – federal and provincial

You can immigrate as a temporary resident. After that, you can take required steps towards becoming a permanent resident. You can also file for permanent residency directly from your country.

Most common resident visas in Canada are:

  • Student visa – As the name suggests, it allows a person to study in Canada
  • Working holiday permit – Issued based on the agreement between Canada and many countries. It permits a person to work or stay and travel
  • Young professionals permit – Allows a person to work with an employer from whom they have received a job offer. It is simpler than a temporary foreign worker permit
  • Temporary foreign work permit – It is a standard permit for working with an employer who has offered a job to a person.

A permanent residence card in Canada gives almost the same rights as Canadians, except the right to vote.

After residing in Canada for four years, one becomes eligible to apply for citizenship.

Time duration it takes to immigrate

Time Duration

It all depends on the case and your country of origin. However, it may take anything between a few months to nearly two years to complete all the process in the immigration application process. Though there is no standard period, Canadian’s government’s website sets time frames for reference in immigration category.

How much time does one need to remain in Canada after obtaining a permanent resident status?

To keep the status of your permanent residency status, you have to comply with certain rules. One of them stipulates that a person must be physically present in Canada during a cumulative period of 2 years for every 5-year segment of residency.

Hope this quick guide will give you an idea about immigration process in Canada. Make sure that you have researched well before you kick off the process.

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