Things You Probably Don’t Know About National Background Checks

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Several types of background checks are conducted. They include driving record checks, credit rating checks, criminal convictions checks, national background check and more. In so far as a national background check is concerned, it is done to search the national database with a view to different types of nationally registered details.

As opposed to some other checks, this type of check includes the facts from an individual’s life. No matter, where the person lives presently or where he was living earlier.

national background check

Below are the details of the national background check.

Historical Address Tracing

Historical address tracing includes several things. Experts check a person’s historical name, address records, family background, residential leasing behaviors, permanent residential address search and much more. It develops a complete picture of an applicant’s historical residential leasing behaviors.

Instant Multi-Jurisdictional Scan

This is another check-list of the national background check. It includes checking arrest data, court records, warrants, checks, driving record checks, drug history, criminal convictions checks, and more. Professionals use powerful advanced technology and extensive cross-referencing to reveal the truth.

Technology Used for Background Checks

Technology is transforming. Today’s tools and equipment help experts get instant information about a person online. The only thing you require is to have the correct details. Some of the data important data include name, gender, age, social security number.  These data are required for getting quick results about a person.

Choosing a company that deals in background checking

You should always choose a company by considering the things mentioned below.

SSN Verification – A good company that conducts national background check prepares a report based on SSN verification, the issuing state, and the issuing year. Based on the verification, the professionals are able to scour a large number of records. Thus, they can develop a comprehensive picture of an applicant’s background.

Landlord-Tenant Dispute Records – Make sure whether the company is able to scour millions of landlord-tenant records. A professional company is known to have eviction reports that include critical information which is not available through credit reports alone.

CDIA FCRA Certified Customer Support – Before signing a deal with any company, it is important to ensure that the company is CDIA and FCRA certified. Such companies are the right choice if you are looking out for a tenant screening company. The service of a reputable company is used by of thousands of landlords, property managers, and brokers.

Why the need of background check?

A properly-done background check on a national level helps bring any bogus identities to light. It can bring to light a person who has used a different name or got involved in some wrong or illegal activities. This can help you to be aware of any kinds of cheating or fraud. So, you can be able to know about any previous criminal acts under s different identity.

The question is, “Can you get a national background history on somebody?” Yes, you can find bankruptcies, sex crime, mistreatment, and evictions. This check covers a few bases, which means that you can acquire a good view of a person’s character.

With the help of national background check, it is easy to find whether an individual is asking for a rented room with a false identity. To be precise, a person with a criminal history never exposes it to others. He or she tries to hide his/her criminal records.


National background checks are must and it should be done correctly. It enables you to dig up anyone’s past within a matter of moments. It is an excellent tool to get information about an individual that has come to you for rent. So, whether you are a caretaker or a manager, the service of national background check is a must for you.

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