The Power of Learning Through Others4 min read

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Maleehah Choudhry

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The world is a strange place. We meet new people daily, we learn from one another and along with constantly learning new things about ourselves, the process of learning is inevitable and can always be expanded. Thats exactly what makes learning and teaching so beautiful. There is no limit to how much we can learn, thats just a potential we all work on differently. As people we are always changing. Its crazy how we never realise what really impacts us the most, until we no longer have it.

It has been a long time since I’ve written anything, I’ve been so caught up in the real world I haven’t found much time to escape. So after months of no writing, I’m back. I thought it was only right I dedicated this post to the place I’ve spent the past 8 years. My high school and sixth form experience has spread over the past 8 years. From entering that building as my young 11 year old self, I would never have anticipated the memories and emotions I would leave with. After 8 years in my school environment, I was able to learn, my key to success wasn’t just the part where I learnt things, its what I was able to take from what it was I had learnt. Let me tell you what I mean, I can’t say learning Pythagoras made me a better human, but what I can say is, witnessing the brave endless efforts of a teacher fight against a pupil to make sure he achieved the best grades he could achieve. Witnessing her struggle to get through to someone who had no interest other than to mess around, make a joke of the class, all because he didn’t see his potential. Now what that taught me is something I have taken and sat in my back pocket. Another thing I can take away is knowing that when you genuinely think nobody else cares, and the world has given up on you, you can walk into that ugly little office your head of year sits in and talk of all your worries. You can let it out and have that person listen to you without the judgement you once feared. It gave me courage. Courage to talk again. It taught me how to talk without the fear of judgement, something I had craved for so long. Not to mention, every ounce of wisdom I have taken from the friends I have made. The apprehensions and the nerves when having to meet a whole new set of friends, after having spent a year in hospital. I have to say that I couldn’t be thankful enough to those of you who let me in. My heart is filled with your wise words and your all the lessons you have helped teach me. Most of all school has taught me that an education is what you plan to get, but when you get there you realise, that as much as you believed it was to learn the academia of the school curriculum, thats really not what its about. School is about the little things, those small kind words you have learnt, the way in which you have developed your personal self. Simply how you have articulated yourself as a human being.

In all honesty I have been blessed to have met so many different people, some good, some bad and some absolutely incredible. Never did I believe that I would come across such amazing people. All the lessons I have learnt and all the people I have met are now something I will carry with me for the rest of my life. However this is the end. 8 years of learning and all of what else came between has come to an end. I wont lie and say I enjoyed every second, because I didn’t but what I can say is, I am grateful for everything you have taught me school. I will forever hold every memory of that place close to my heart, the good, the bad and the ugly. But most of all I hope this allowed you to remember something that you learnt from your high school /  sixth form experience. As I step in to my next chapter of life, I hope to take forward these lessons, and hopefully teach others along with learning more myself.


ps. if you actually read to the end, thank you.

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