The Magic Of The White Shirt: 6 Stylish Ways To Wear It

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Sara O Brown

Sara O Brown is a working mom, lives with her dentist husband and her adorable dog, Casper. She is passionate about travelling and cooking. She has been a regular contributor for-

Let’s talk basics today! For the people who understand fashion knows that a good white shirt is a staple for your wardrobe, it is a must-have essential that can never wrong with any other item and thus should definitely have a place in your closet.

Styling a white shirt is quite easy, in fact, the versatility of this piece of clothing is what makes it so special, you can dress it up for a club night or dress it down for staying at home and enjoying some hot chocolate red wine with your beloved.

Styling is about embracing your body, feeling comfortable and confident. Everyone has a very personalized style and well with a white shirt you could build up an unimaginable number of outfits but sometimes you just don’t have the time or patience to try out different pieces and think whether something looks good on you or not.

Like always, we are here for the rescue as we present 6 stylish ways to wear a white shirt which would look great on everybody!


A perfect choice for a fancy brunch, white on white is a classic combination.

Hands down, this super chic and fashionable blend of whites looks even better when complemented with pops of color!

Quirk reds, bright magenta, and mustards were seen a lot on the runway and are definitely the colors of the year.

Fashionistas would totally recommend pairing your all-white outfit with a colorful blazer, or some colorful pair of footwear and a bright lipstick!

Tip: Try to match the shirt and the bottoms to the exact tones of white. If tucked in then add a belt.

Corset belts

Corsets don’t only look fantastic on you but are also great for waist training, we mean, look at Kylie Jenner. Fashion approved by one of the most famous gals of the upper east side, white shirts, and waist training corset belts is definitely the new vogue as the little Jenner is seen sporting this look quite a few times now.

Well, moreover a corset gives an illusion of a slimmer waist by accentuating the curve and can be a perfect go-to for the people who are struggling with waist weight loss or are unable to get rid of those stubborn muffin tops.

Classy formal wear

White shirts are just synonymous with class and there is absolutely no doubt about that which is why they are perfect for official meetings.

Here is simple yet modish outfits idea with some items that would definitely be in your wardrobe!

Don on a crisp buttoned-down white shirt with a pair of trousers, accessorized with a statement watch and some sleek jewelry of your choice, throw on a pair of pointed-toe mid-length pumps or a pair of mules to complete the attire.

For the finishing touch, a little color is a must for the lips and our love for wine lipsticks is just everlasting. This look won’t be complete without a wine matte lipstick as not only it is the perfect blend of the formals yet sultry but also greatly compliments white.


Whether it be a clubbing night or wine and a chocolate party, a white shirt can be quite effortlessly styled for a super glam look. With just a simple game-play of styling and fabrics, a basic item like this white shirt can be put into a luxe outfit.

For this look, we would recommend picking out a white shirt with a fabric like a chiffon or a one that has a satin or silky finish as those textiles have that “glam-factor.”

Experimentation is always fun so to turn it up a nudge let’s style it by unbuttoning the first few buttons and let the shoulders of the shirt slip down to bare the collarbones.

As seen on Pinterest, a lacey bralette underneath the shirt and a glitzy choker on the neck would make the outcome just so much more sensual.

The best part about the ensemble is that it can be paired with any bottoms and would still be glamorous.


Laid back days are the best ones! Sometimes, a casual outfit is needed for such days when comfort is the utmost priority and a white shirt can cater to that in a fashionable way!

Pair this classic with a skater skirt, a pair of leggings or comfy shorts for a relaxed look.  To make this #ootd very casual and fresh, unbutton the last 3-5 buttons of your shirt and tie a knot.

Put on your fav sneakers and we’re good to go!

Bold and beautiful

Making a statement is always a good thing but going bold means taking a risk. Uh, hello! Not with a white shirt. This piece of clothing is so adaptable and easy to work with which is why it is the perfect choice to wear with bold print bottoms or heavy makeup.

Fascinated by a Layer on a layer? So are we, it’s fashionable and so in vogue but honestly it can be quite intimidating when it comes to juggling with prints, patterns, and colors which is why a lot of people don’t try it out.

Well, a white shirt never disappoints you, does it? We know it goes with any print or pattern but it doesn’t always have to be the bottoms.


Here are a few ideas;

Insta baddie

Wear a white shirt as your first layer and add up your fav camisole on top and achieve that Insta baddie-look for your next adventurous motorcycle ride!


Take your boyfriend’s/dad’s white shirt and wear it as a dress, layer it up with a printed scarf-kimono and finish the look with a broad belt tied around them to give some dimensions.

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Sara O Brown

Sara O Brown is a working mom, lives with her dentist husband and her adorable dog, Casper. She is passionate about travelling and cooking. She has been a regular contributor for-

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