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Lewis Nicholson would like to formally introduce the LUXE range of watches. What is the LUXE range? The LUXE range brings you affordable luxury. We currently understand that no matter what your profession is, everybody wants to have an outstanding timepiece to complement their look. The reason why we think this brand can break boundaries and reach global exposure is down to the passion of the designers and owners of the brand. Mr Lewis and Mr Nicholson both understand the fashion industry, the needs and wants of consumers and have a desire to create. We know the importance of ‘whoever looks good feels good’ and being able to do so without the price tag.

Lewis Nicholson, two tenacious enthusiasts, see a lot of watches on the market but what makes us unique is the simple design and powerfully strong brand image. As professionals ourselves, we know that individuals ride their own paths. So, regardless of your personality, if you a city broker or a young apprentice this watch is designed to cater for all demographics.

We strive for greatness with our unwavering commitment. Lewis Nicholson will continue along this journey with our clients to build the brand with relevant topical LUXE products to meet the needs of this fast moving and demanding market. United as one, we will work on the craftsmanship timelessly to keep perfecting perfection.


Established 2017, Jamie Lewis and Dale Nicholson designed and manufactured the Lewis Nicholson brand. With the LUXE range, we are hungry to succeed. Lewis Nicholson craft their timepieces with one objective in mind, technical perfection, maximised class and simplicity.

Visit our latest website to browse the range of Lewis Nicholson Timepieces.

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