The LA Rams Blew It And May Never Have Another Opportunity Like This Again2 min read

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“We are excited about our future”. Who said it? Was it Sean McVay or was it Chip Kelly, or Jason Garrett. The LA Rams are strangely reminiscent of the 2013 Philadelphia Eagles; young offensive mastermind, young quarterback thriving in a certain offensive scheme, and immediate success. I am not saying the same will happen, but next season should be met with “buyer beware”. Every NFL season is different, just ask Jason Garrett and the 2016 Dallas Cowboys.

L.A. Ram’s Pharoh Cooper a Pro-Bowl returner, muffed two punts in the first half that were recovered by the Atlanta Falcons, led to points and immediately put Jared Goff and the Rams playing catchup to last year’s NFC champions. When you are a young team in the playoffs, you just cannot give the ball away. Those two plays were a 10-point swing. Spotting Matt Ryan 10 points is a recipe for disaster, that eventually resulted in the Rams demise. Now the Atlanta Falcon’s who were able to slip into the playoffs, are now heading to Philadelphia. Matt Ryan will not have to face Carson Wentz or any elite quarterbacks in the NFC playoffs (if the Saints cannot beat the Vikings). With no Aaron Rodgers or Carson Wentz, the road to the Super Bowl seems a lot easier. While the Rams are rallying behind the ol’ “we are excited about our future” banter, they may be pondering “what-if”, if they are not able to have success in the future.

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