The Ins And Outs Of Sports Travel Packages

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If you have an interest in purchasing some sort of sports travel package, you need to have an understanding of some of the ins and outs of associated with these types of travel programs. There can be some variations in how these programs work and what is included in these packages.


When looking for a sports travel package, experts maintain that this is the most rigid indicator. By that it is meant that this is the key component when attempting to measure the overall value of a sports travel package.

In some instances, a sports travel package will offer different options. By this it is meant that you can find some variations when it comes to the airline and lodging. For example, there may be a VIP package through which you can enjoy first class seating on the aircraft as well as a less expensive option. In other packages, there may be only one option, or options with alternatives when it comes to lodging and not airfare and seating.


A prime element of a sports travel package focuses on accommodations. The organizer of the package will have worked with a hotel to get some type of price break by reserving multiple rooms as part of the program being put together in association with a particular sporting event.

The bulk of the available rooms will be at the rate associated with the standard package. The organizer of a sports travel package may have some more expensive, upscale options as well. These might be included in some sort of VIP package,

Rental Car and Other Transport

A sports travel package may have derivations when it comes to issues surrounding destination transportation. There may be busses or vans utilized to transport people from the airport to the hotel and to the event venue. There may also be an option through which a participant can obtain some sort of discount on a rental car.

Social Events

Of course, whatever sporting event is at the center of the package will be the prime function during the trip. However, an organizer of this type of sports package is also likely to arrange for and include some other activities and events during the time a participant is in the destination city.

Some of these events may be included in the base price of the package itself. There may also be so-called special events that are accessed by paying an additional fee.

When Do Sports Event Travel Packages Organize

There is no absolute schedule followed by all organizers of sports event travel packages. With that said, many of these programs begin to organize six months or more before the scheduled sports event. For travel packages involving activities like the Super Bowl, the packages may be available even earlier than the six month in advance mark.

Group Options

If you have a group of people who are interested in attending a particular sports event, another option is to obtain a package specifically for your group. You can engage the services of a travel professional who can assist in pulling together all aspects of a group sports event travel package.

If this is something you have in mind, you really should begin to make preliminary planning six to nine months out from the event. You will want to have a deadline at about the four to six month mark before the event at which group members make at least a deposit to participate. You need to get participants locked in advance of the trip to ensure that all expenses end up being covered.


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