The Gluten Free Diet – Why Its May Not Be Good If You Don’t Need It3 min read

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Lara Jezeph
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Gluten free is the latest health trend with everyone jumping on the bandwagon. As a wellness coach who works with people on digestive problems like intolerances and IBS like symptoms, I find that gluten often is a major cause of digestion, weight, mood and energy problems, to name but a few. Therefore in a lot of cases I would get my clients to remove gluten to pinpoint triggers, so you would think I would be pro gluten-free, right?

Well, I have mixed views on this. I have removed gluten for years due to intolerances and I found it suited my body better. Since I have been doing a lot of work on my health, raising my awareness around what suited my body and also following different types of gut healing protocols, I can now tolerate gluten, in moderation, which is amazing. It’s so freeing not to be restricted in what I eat.

As gluten-free becomes more and more popular food companies (ting ting ting – marketing opportunity) turn out processed, sugary junk foods as “healthy” gluten-free alternatives.

Have you actually looked on the ingredients list of gluten free bread for example?

I can’t even pronounce most of it so you can imagine what your body is doing. It’s confused and cant understand what you have given it to try and breakdown so it just messes with your digestion, screws with your blood sugar and aids in weight gain.

For those who struggle to give up bread and grab the gluten free option thinking this would be a healthier option, think again. Unless you’re actually intolerance or have coeliac disease, you’re doing more harm than good.

Everything in moderation – of course you’re going to get bloated if you have sugary cereal and toast for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and pasta for dinner.

Plus, just because cakes and biscuits state that they’re gluten or dairy free, doesn’t mean you can eat a tonne of them, they’re still cakes and biscuits after all.

“These gluten-free, sugar-loaded, flour-filled foods raise blood sugar levels and contribute to inflammation, both of which play a role in nearly every disease on the planet”. Dr Mark Hyman. Functional Medicine Doctor

Gluten free alternative list that will give you the energy you need from carbs without the gut inflammation from highly processed foods.

  • White rice. People with digestive problems will struggle to breakdown brown rice but see what works for your body.
  • Sweet potato. Slow releasing energy baby.
  • Boiled potato. You know the cold pots you get in a salad? I say cold because hot ones don’t have the resistant starch you need to aid in better digestion and manage sugar levels.
  • My staple for brekky. Oats soaked with water or coconut milk with flaked almonds, blueberries and cinnamon. Loaded with protein.
  • Buckwheat flour. The reason I add this in is because I love pancakes.
  • Some people with digestion problems cant tolerate this so just be aware of what works for you. Its high in protein and great as a vegan option.

Gluten free options are still not actually real foods, which is why I would always suggest choosing from the food list above over a processed option. Go homemade and check the labels. Start understanding what you are consuming.

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Lara Jezeph

Lara Jezeph

Web: Email: [email protected] FB Group – Book a Gut Health Breakthrough Session -