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Lara Jezeph
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Christmas and thanksgiving holidays are supposed to be a relaxing time meant for spending time with friends and family as a way to reflect back on the year. In reality however, the holiday season comes filled with stress and anxiety of all varieties. There is work, family, and friend obligations that all need attention and in the end the holidays can feel more like a burden than a chance to recuperate. Its common for people to suffer with illness and for those suffering with food intolerances, IBS and other digestive disorders its particularly stressful.

  • Not being able to enjoy the delicious foods for fear of digestion repercussions
  • Being tempted all the time by foods you love but can’t eat; mince pies, Christmas cake, squirty cream, chocolate and gravy.
  • Stress of planning in advance for long journeys to make sure you have snacks that you can eat.
  • Not wanting to feel a burden for having to be giving different foods you can tolerate.
  • Anxiety around toilet access when travelling or at other peoples houses.
  • Having people constantly ask you why you can’t eat gravy, it doesn’t have gluten right?

What the Stats show

The Best Ways To Manage Holiday Stress

According to Healthline [1]:

  • Money is the top cause of stress at nearly 50%.
  • 21% were worried about adhering to healthy eating and fitness habits.
  • 19% were stressed about selecting the ‘right’ gifts.

There is also information being shared to help manage stress when it comes to accommodating for people with dietary issues. So from one side we have people with digestive issues worrying about being a burden, and the other side we have the hosts worrying about making sure they have the right food and how to manage dietary issues so everyone is happy.

“You cannot control anything, except the way you feel” – Abraham. Hicks

Now, lets start putting things in perspective a little when it comes to the holidays. If we are all concerned about other people’s feelings, when are we concerned about ourselves? Would you rather not have a holiday season and carry on with work and not see your family and friends. What would you like instead?

This powerful exercise will change your perspective

Grab a notepad and find a quiet space to sit for 30 mins or so, maybe your favourite coffee shop or a space in the garden, whatever works.

  • Write down what your stresses and worries are around the holidays, all of them.
  • Then, write down what you are looking forward to and excited about the holidays, all of them.
  • Now, look at your worry list and see if these things are in your control…cross off the ones that are out of your control.
  • Look at what is left of your worry list, can you delegate jobs out, plan now to get them off your list, talk to a friend or family member about them etc…have a real think about this list and how to make it more manageable.
  • Now, look at your list of things you’re excited about for the holidays, add more to it, come on, I know there’s some more in you…now place the list some where you can see daily.
  • Feel the excitement in your tummy; imagine you are experiencing what you have written down.
  • If you want to get into a good space every day, write a new excited list in your notepad every day.
  • Breathe, deep in your belly; in for 7 seconds through the nose, out for 11 seconds through the mouth. 3 times round.

How do you feel?

 Another tool that is incredibly beneficial to shift your mindset around the stress of the holiday season:

Abraham Hicks, Escape from Anxiety and Stress –

 What’s important to remember is the more you worry, the more your digestion is going to play up for you.

I have lots of stress management exercises, techniques and tips in my toolbox so if you are particularly suffering, drop me an email or book a Gut Health Breakthrough Session. Lets understand what’s going on for you and put a plan together to combat it, together.




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Lara Jezeph

Lara Jezeph

Web: Email: [email protected] FB Group – Book a Gut Health Breakthrough Session -