The Best Things To See And Do In Venice, Italy2 min read

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At the beginning of July, my boyfriend (Matt) and I travelled to Venice for the first time together. We’ve both travelled quite a lot before, but neither of us had ever seen this beautiful side of Italy.

Once we’d arrived in Venice mainland, we took the boat over to Venice Island, costing around €25 each for a return. We walked over countless bridges and past picturesque views in order to get to our hotel, (did you know that there are over 400 bridges in Venice?!). Our hotel was located just a few minutes away from Piazza San Marco and it was such a stunning place.

Things to do in Venice

After we’d got freshened up, we headed out for the rest of the afternoon, and our first stop was to see the beautiful St Mark’s Square. We walked around for hours, just admiring the gorgeous views and tranquil canals; I could honestly just stare at everything forever.

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