“Once Upon A Time…” The Benefits of Reading With Your Children2 min read

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When I was a young mother organizing meals and all the crazy things in between, I found it difficult to find those warm-hearted moments.  Before giving birth I imagined having meaningful conversations with my children.  After giving birth I realized I spent most the time talking to them and I use the word talking loosely.

Here are some of my original “warm-hearted” quotes, you can use them of you like:

“Get your shoes on…NOW!”

“You can’t have ice cream for dinner.”

“Your sister is NOT a dork.”

I know what you’re thinking “those quotes aren’t original” and you’re right. The days of a young family can be very hectic. We often talk to our children instead of with them. As parents we can become overwhelmed with day to day life.  If we’re not careful we may forget to capture warm – hearted moments and let the day slip away.

“Once upon a time…” may be best way to capture those elusive warm – hearted moments and reading can benefit your child in so many ways.  There are studies that show how early reading to a child can help with his/her development.  This is what studies have shown:

  • Reading to a child helps with communication skills and the ability to relate to people.
  • Reading to a child helps with language skills.
  • Reading can help a child deal with a new experience – Books on welcoming a new baby, starting preschool, etc.
  • Reading has been shown to give a child an edge academically.
  • Reading to a child shows them that reading can be fun.

Those are all great reasons to be reading to a child.

Then there’s the famous quote:

“Children are made readers on the lap of their parents”

                                                                                           ― Emilie Buchwald

This mother would like to tell you that all those reasons were why I read to my children but that’s not all true.  I read to them to capture that elusive warm – hearted moment.  We would snuggle and read.  I discovered it was then that I could have those meaningful conversations all thanks to four words

“Once Upon a Time…”

Take time to read

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