Taking Control of Your Mindset – Embracing the Power of Positivity3 min read

I’ve heard this mentioned so many times in my life and it still always comes across as one of he most cheesy things you can say… the power of positivity! I spent years trying to tap into this way of thinking. Job sucked but tried my best. Pressures of life doing what they do. I’ve been blessed by an amazing woman, amazing kids and better friends than I could ask for but one thing or another had caught me out. I’d ran through all the excuses of how and why. Frankly looking back on it all, it was self destructive in many ways and in turn I allowed smaller things to dominate my life.

Bear with me as there is a point here…

I left that old job a year ago now to pursue the job I’d dreamt of for years… being a Chef. I walked out of of job in retail and into a kitchen. The first position I took wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t in depth cooking but I learnt my basic knife skills, board colours and the like, then I moved into a new kitchen at a seafood restaurant called Rockfish. The team at Rockfish was small but they became another little family to me before long. It is with thanks to the chefs, Arnis and John, that I first really got to understand this basic principle… Positive thinking leads to positive results!! Literally the power of positivity!!

It still sounds cheesy :p

Taking Control of Your Mindset - Embracing the Power of Positivity Soapbox

BUT Since I first really turned this into a daily way of life my partner, children and myself have all benefited from it all. I try and single it down to the basics from day to day:

  • Set yourself a target for the day!
  • Aim for it the best you can. If you fall short try again tomorrow!
  • Don’t let other people tell you your worth. Know that you’re unique and have your own values!
  • Share your positivity! Everyone needs a boost now and then – from a direct helping hand to a simple smile or pat on the back

And the favourite one I’ve learnt:

  • When things go wrong don’t look to blame or ignore. It’s too easy to dismiss things that disagree with us. Challenge yourself to overcome! Look for a way to fix things before allowing it to defeat you. Anger is destructive to yourself and all around you where as a positive motion is the first step towards any growth

Well if you made it to the end of this rant I’m hoping this will at least help one person out there. Im hoping someone will take a note from this and keep this in mind next time they’re feeling negative. On an end note, for anyone who’s reading this and feels like they’re in a ditch right now, be strong, seek help if you need it because there are people who want to help all over the place 🙂

How do you do deal with negativity?

Having a positive mindset helps in so many ways. What do you do to get past negativity and embrace positivity? Please let us know in the comment box below.

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