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With an increased pressure on teachers these days to hit learning targets, the world of teaching seems to have become a much more difficult place. With different guidelines coming out regularly, how can you make learning different subjects fun while still making it easy to teach. Introducing SymbolSmash, a new, innovative way of teaching children the core subjects while nurturing an appreciation of classical music. We had a chat with SymbolSmash’s Creative & Innovation Directors, Yafit Elboim and Hayley Musry and asked them more about their revolutionary new system.


What is SymbolSmash?

(Y) SymbolSmash is a provider of Music content for schools in order to help teachers teach classical music appreciation. The system provides everything that the teacher needs in order to feel confident in teaching music education. We created SymbolSmash not just for the children but also for teachers; especially as there has been an increasing pattern of year group teachers being asked to teach music, as there are not enough resources to provide specialist music teachers.

(H) Yes. And as teachers have an ever-increasing workload – assessment, marking, paperwork, planning etc, we want to lessen this burden by providing teachers with everything. This will allow them to concentrate solely on their children, on teaching and on making their classroom an exciting and passionate place.

(Y) With Ofsted placing so much importance on assessment, how do you know how to assess children in a subject you don’t understand or potentially lack confidence to teach to the standards being set? During teacher training, teachers are taught how to become proficient in teaching the core subjects, i.e. English, Maths, Science etc. and although some training centres encourage training in music it is not to the highest standard. This is why there is scope for music lessons to be taught thoroughly. How can you teach music appreciation and teach how to analyse elements of a classical piece when you have never done it before yourself?

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