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The Green Movement has had a profound effect on the way we view our contribution to the destruction of ecosystems.  While public opinion can shift rather quickly we haven’t seen discernable results within the average household. This can mainly be attributed to the fact that many eco friendly solutions are either unappealing or require some sort of sacrifice from the user. It can be price, style, or care but it usually demands for us to shift our lifestyle to accommodate the product.

It is not that we are averse to being eco friendly, but rather uncomfortable with shifting our daily routine. Positive changes to our consumer habits have to be at little to no effect on our daily lives. CFL lightbulbs, unleaded gasoline, reusable bags and water bottles all added value to our lives and required little effort from us.

The plastics industry, my industry, has done its fair share of damage to the environment. Using oil as a raw material is unsustainable. Landfills and oceans clogged with waste which will last for thousands of years. However plastics are an integral part of modern life. They are still the safest, least expensive, easiest to care for, and can be produced in mass to satiate global needs. It is no surprise that everyone is scrambling for marketable alternatives.


Bamboozle was born from the search for a way to create a more responsible material in balance with modern lifestyle. 85% of the oil used in a traditional plastic has been replaced with Bamboo and Corn Starch. Replacing the least sustainable resource with one of the most. Bamboo forests renewing within 6 years with no irrigation or fertilization. This change also allows for the product to biodegrade naturally once it’s thrown away, leaving no trace within 20 years.

Many sustainable and biodegradable products come with caveats. Mainly being single use or requiring specific care instructions. Bamboozle is made to conform to the average daily routine. Being able to throw a plate in the dishwasher at the end of a meal. Counting on bowls to take the abuse of a hand mixer. A serving piece to keep for years but to dispose of guilt free when it’s just not ‘you’ anymore. All the while displaying eco friendly values we talk so much about.

To learn more about Bamboozle and other products from bamboo fiber you can visit

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