Summer is Calling, Grab Yourself a Fruity Beverage!1 min read

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What’s better than a refreshing fruity drink when the sun is shining? Absolutely nothing I tell you! Well this one is also alcoholic but not strong enough to knock your head off. 

If you are from the UK you will know that recently the weather has been incredible, which is the motivation for this post. This post was originally published on Father’s Day. It was so hot that we spent the whole day outside in the sun, drinking this particular beverage. You could say this drink is a new or mixed up version of Pimms or Sangria but it is a personal favourite. 

So I mixed together

  • Half a bottle of Wine: I used Echo Falls Summer Berries (the choice is yours)
  • 25ml of Passoa 
  • Lemonade 
  • 25ml of Strawberry and Apple Cordial

Gave it a big ol’ mix with a straw, added some ice cubes and then I put in some strawberries and cucumber (don’t ask why, it just looks nice and fancy!)

I served it in wine glasses and my mum and dad pleasantly enjoyed a fair few glasses too. My dad said it tastes sophisticated, so that is a compliment right?

What is your favorite summer beverage?

Do you have a favourite fruity summer beverage? Maybe you have a few? If so, why not share it with the rest of us. Let us know the recipe in the comment box below. If you have made this drink, what did you think of it? Why not try some other Soapbox summer drink recipes.

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