Strong is the new Skinny – How using a Vega Machine can help you improve your life5 min read

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 Have you used a Vega Machine or been for Vega Testing? We Millennials are known as the spoilt generation. No career is out of reach. No country is too far. People no longer need to invest in relationships for longer than a month as the next person is a mere swipe away. It feels like we have more access to answers now than we do questions. So what are we investing our time and money in? Ourselves. This has created a generation of twenty-somethings who want to maximise the opportunities that we are so lucky to have – myself being one of them. As a result people are “adulting” much later. The semi-detached, the wedding and the 2.2 children can wait but can your body?

I have always been a fan of keeping fit and have been running to ease my battle with anxiety since the age of fifteen. However, when it comes to my diet, I have not paid much attention. Without going into detail lets just say I have never deprived myself. I don’t smoke or drink (much) so I always just assumed that was enough. It’s not. 

I have never worried too much about my weight because as long as I can fit into this pair of jeans and feel good in a bikini I’m healthy right? Wrong. 

I believe this mentality is a common misconception. When it comes to society and all the fad diets, we are encouraged to focus on our outer image only and as opposed to what is going on on the outside. What I am craving is an education on not just keeping the bad stuff out – but putting the good stuff in. 

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