Strong is the new Skinny – How using a Vega Machine can help you improve your life

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 Have you used a Vega Machine or been for Vega Testing? We Millennials are known as the spoilt generation. No career is out of reach. No country is too far. People no longer need to invest in relationships for longer than a month as the next person is a mere swipe away. It feels like we have more access to answers now than we do questions. So what are we investing our time and money in? Ourselves. This has created a generation of twenty-somethings who want to maximise the opportunities that we are so lucky to have – myself being one of them. As a result people are “adulting” much later. The semi-detached, the wedding and the 2.2 children can wait but can your body?

I have always been a fan of keeping fit and have been running to ease my battle with anxiety since the age of fifteen. However, when it comes to my diet, I have not paid much attention. Without going into detail lets just say I have never deprived myself. I don’t smoke or drink (much) so I always just assumed that was enough. It’s not. 

I have never worried too much about my weight because as long as I can fit into this pair of jeans and feel good in a bikini I’m healthy right? Wrong. 

I believe this mentality is a common misconception. When it comes to society and all the fad diets, we are encouraged to focus on our outer image only and as opposed to what is going on on the outside. What I am craving is an education on not just keeping the bad stuff out – but putting the good stuff in. 

Now, this is not another article or lecture from another skinny blonde girl on Instagram smiling whist she planks (how?) and kissing her dog whilst she busts out a set of Bulgarian Split Squats (I literally forget how to breathe. Is it in first?) What I am advocating doesn’t require you to step foot in or near a gym (although I am also not saying that you shouldn’t. I’m not going down the rabbit hole of receiving hate mail from personal trainers) 

Recently, I went on a little educational adventure to The Wyndham Centre. Their vision is to, “enable all people to achieve an enhanced and healthy quality of life as healthy, happy, strong and educated people.” These people believe in naturally treating the cause and not the symptomHere, I was greeted by a warm and friendly team who proceeded to take down my details and then send me through for some thorough and painless allergy tests to see what my insides were telling them.

Why should you care?

I’ll tell you why. This has to be the most interesting and best use of an hour that I have ever spent. So much so that I can’t stop talking about it. Hence this article. If you are intent on investing in yourself, at least do it right! The test is carried out on a Vega Machine and aims to look at the body as an energy. It is able to externally measure the dysfunctions of the body organs and food sensitivities that the average human being would have no way of knowing. These concealed allergies could be causing anxiety, fatigue, migraines, asthma, IBS, bloating, insomnia and swelling of joints.

Essentially, all the symptoms we put down to everyday living when really we could be causing all these ailments ourselves, simply by being uneducated about our own bodies. Following on from the procedure the consultant will make a detailed list of anything your body has flagged up as a weakness and the patient will be placed on a six week detox of these products, presented with a bible of healthy alternatives to any favourites you are not allowed, and supplements to support weaker organs. After six weeks you will have a follow up appointment to monitor how this detox has made you stronger – and how this should be the beginning of your new lifestyle.

In my case the Vega machine showed that I was intolerant to wheat, caffeine and sugar. I now have to replace wheat bread with rye bread, honey with maple syrup and cut out coffee and tea. I also have to take two doses of Amino acids a day to make my pancreas stronger from regular sugar abuse – a common problem in the Western World.

What is a Vega Machine?

Vega machines are a type of electroacupuncture device used in Vega testing. They can be used to diagnose allergies and other illnesses.

The Wyndham Centre

If I have spiked your attention and you are eager to find out more please visit and make an appointment with Alison. I highly recommend  the Silver Package at £126. This may seem steep but its a one off appointment that could really improve your quality of living. Remember – you are the best thing you will ever invest in and “I have no time” is the adult version of “My dog ate my homework.” 

If you wish to hear about my findings and successes from my follow up appointment please subscribe to Soapbox for my follow up blog entry and don’t forget to report anything you discover from your session. You never know who’s reading! You can also follow Soapbox on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and Google+.

Have you used a Vega Machine?

Have you used a Vega Machine or been for Vega Testing? Please let us know about your experience in the comment boxes below!

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