Stress Management Techniques and Why I Rarely Get Stressed

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Eric Burdon
Eric Burdon is a Youtuber and Blogger. He talks about positivity, his journey, and a growth oriented mindset.

Stress management is by far one of the biggest issues in our lives today. From nation, and world issues to work or even health.

Stress has become such an issue that it can lead to depression which according to the World Health Organization is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. To top it off so many people don’t know how to manage their stress levels properly and need help.

But not me.

For me personally it’s a rare thing for me to get stressed out these days. In fact I don’t even remember the last time I was stressed out about something. I’m not saying that to gloat.

It means that I’ve been able to manage my stress to the point I rarely – if at all- get stressed while I’m working or even in the environment that I’m in. So today I want to share a few of those things I learned.

Firstly: I Have A Profound Understanding Of Myself

True, as humans we change over time and we can change at will, but one thing about me is that I’m curious about myself. I want to understand myself more.

So I spend some time reading about various things that can help me. I pay attention to the words I use and what I say as well.

I believe this is incredibly important as many people are doing things they don’t want to be doing. People are working at jobs that they don’t like but they work because it pays the bills.

It’s not what they wanted, but it’s better than the other alternatives. People are reluctant to doing something that they legitimately want to do.

That in itself can be very stressful, especially in cases where what you want to do is considered “risky”. That can be quitting your job and finding another one, starting a business, and more.

I believe I’m less stressed out because I took the time to understand myself and what I want to do in life. Yes there are more lucrative alternatives right now, but I love doing what I’m doing right now.

Secondly: I Dedicate Time To Working Out

When you are conscious about your weight and health like I am, what’s important is you take action. Take some time out of your day each day and do some exercising and stretches.

Not only will working out help you on a health stand point, it’s also good on a mental stand point. You’ll be energized and in a more positive mood when you work out.

A lot of people say they don’t have time and I really don’t believe that. When you prioritize something, regardless of what it is, you’ll find time to do it. Even in cases where it’s a three minute stretch, it still feels good and it’s manageable.

Thirdly: I Stop Paying Attention About Every Little Thing In The World

It has been years where I’ve actually sat down and watched the news. Even though I keep up with the news through social media a little, I’m not stressing about issues in the world.

We have a variety of problems out there in the world and in countries. There will always be problems.

But the thing is, the human race will get through all of it. We will continue to persist and find a way to solve the problems that we face.

I’m not saying sit back and relax, no, take action and be a voice for what you believe is right. Be open to understanding other people and even the opposing side.

What I’m saying is take it in small dosses. Really focus on the things that you want to know and are passionate for.

There is no point in worrying or stressing over something that you only know one side of the story. Same goes for stories you’re not even remotely interested or capable of doing anything.

Continue To Grow

My point in all of this is that stress is all in your head. Stress can come from a variety of places, but I believe most stems from a deep underlying of lack of satisfaction or powerlessness in life.

We validate it by being concerned about our health, our work, or what’s happening in the world, not even realizing that the stress is coming from something we can actually control in our lives.

Try out these tactics and let me know how it goes! Leave a comment below about it!

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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Eric Burdon

Eric Burdon

Eric Burdon is a Youtuber and Blogger. He talks about positivity, his journey, and a growth oriented mindset.

Stress Management Techniq…

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