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Lara Jezeph
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Issues with digestion? Not sure why you are always bloated? Nothing seems to help no matter what you eat? Are low energy levels getting in the way of your busy working week? Have you been to the doctors and they can’t seem to find anything wrong? Feeling the stress of not knowing what is going on?

Well unfortunately ladies, digestive disorders such as bloating, stomach pains, constipation and other discomforts affect 35% to 70% of us and studies are now saying that stress could be the trigger [1].

Digestion and stress

The sympathetic nervous system, which speed up our heart rate, is usually activated when we are ‘stressed’. This reaction is also commonly known as ‘fight or flight’ [2]. The body is now using all of its internal energy on this perceived ‘threat’. But what does this mean for our digestion? Well, it starts to slow and, in some cases, can even stop.

This can also work the other way round. If you suffer from persistent digestive problems it can heighten anxiety and stress. This just means that we are then going round in an uncomfortable circle of gas, bloating and constipation. Not nice, I know.

Ever found that one day you can eat a certain food and the next it’s causing you great discomfort? Well, it could be because one day you are under less stress and you are able to tolerate certain foods (in moderation) more than the day when you are more stressed.

Stress can be increased by these 3 activators:

  • Physical – intense exercise and lack of sleep.
  • Emotional – argument with a friend or an issue at work.
  • Chemical – alcohol, caffeine, tobacco and artificial sugar.

Think of it like an empty cup. Each type of activator, as above, is adding to the cup so eventually it fills and can overflow. For example, Monday you had a particularly stressful day at work and you then had some chocolate, a couple of glasses of wine. In the same scenario, maybe during the previous night you did not slept well. Well consider your cup full now. So you decide to have a delicious meal that you can normal tolerate but today it has caused your cup to overflow – BOOM – stomach problems.

Take Friday as another example, its almost the weekend and you are looking forward to relaxing. You have a sociable evening planned, which means you are happy and not stressed. As a result, you are able to tolerate foods better than usual and even have a glass of wine without the discomfort. The cup is not full.

Lets do some research

I am currently undertaking market research for a health and wellness program and I would like to chat with a few ambitious, confident & determined women, age 25-45 who are currently struggling with food intolerances, digestion issues, energy levels issues, stress and sleep challenges. Let me hear your views.

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Lara Jezeph

Lara Jezeph

Web: Email: [email protected] FB Group – Book a Gut Health Breakthrough Session -

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