Strategies To Be Healthy And Fit All Day Long In The Workplace

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Liyana Perry is a writer at, she has a passion for writing blogs about natural health and spirituality. She enjoys long walks with a breeze and finding ways to make dessert healthy.

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When you are in work, you can often find that your work becomes a major part of everything that you do. You can spend a lot of your day being involved in doing standard work practices. However, before long, you might start to feel a little run-down – you might even say unhealthy. When this happens, you should be looking to do something about it.

Here, then, are some useful strategies for you to maintain your long-term fitness and health overall. You will be much more likely to enjoy your working day if you are able to actually do the job without feeling negative physical repercussions. What, though, could you do if you wish to overcome these problems? What strategies can you employ to feel healthy and fit all day long in the workplace?

What can you do to make work feel less detrimental to your health?

1. Take hourly breaks

Taking a break is a very important thing – even just a quick five-minute break is good for the body and mind. Disengage from the work for a quick moment, and you can quickly feel a lot more positive and optimistic. Taking hourly breaks is likely to help you to get a bit more done, too, as you will feel less pressured.

By having that quick set of moments to help reset body and mind, you can attack the day in a far more optimistic sense and get a lot more done.

2. Schedule your meals

Try and schedule your food breaks a lot better, too. It’s better to schedule it out before larger tasks for the day begin. This means that you can eat something with slow-releasing energy so that you can have enough gas to get from break A to break B.

Scheduling meals will make sure you get enough energy throughout the day to keep on working. It will ensure that you can work whilst still getting enough food in without going through periods of needless peaks and troughs.

3. Do something active before you get home

Before you go home, Spa Hotels recommend that you go and do something active. A quick game of tennis with a work colleague. A game of 5-aside football. Find an activity that you can do that is fun, social and more likely to give you a bit of a buzz for the rest of the evening. Do you get the bus or train home? Then a good thing to do is to go for a quick jog or run to get you home.

It’ll get the blood pumping and the competitive spirit flowing.

4. Skip restaurants whenever possible

Try and avoid going to restaurants for workplace food such as your lunch. Try and bring something to lunch with you instead. For one, you will spend less money and you will also find that you don’t waste so much time feeling bloated after work. Restaurant food is often rich and very enjoyable, but you very much likely to find that too much of this food will to tell on your waistline.

Keep that in mind, or you might find it hard to get the results that you want from your working day.

5. Maintain good posture

Maintaining a better posture level is very important. Try and make sure that you consciously sit up when you are working: slouching over when doing just about anything is going to be bad for you. So, keep that in mind; a bit of extra posture will often go the longest way to making sure you can enjoy a bit of extra productivity. Also, when you are not slouched over you are far less likely to find the second half of your shift being needlessly painful due to lower back pain caused by sitting so poorly earlier on in the day.

6. Drink plenty of water

Keep your fluid levels as high as you can. High fluid levels are essential for a happy quality of life, but also for improving your general day-to-day function. You’ll be less irritable and far more insulated to things like getting angry at colleagues if you up your water intake. It’s a smart but simple way to make sure you are more productive in the workplace, and more likely to get the job done.

Try and drink as much water as you can, as it will make a telling difference to your mood.

7. Walk at lunch

Go for a walk at lunch. If you need to head out to get something, then head out to buy it on foot. It might mean your lunch break is a bit more short in terms of rest and relaxation time, but the walk will do you the world of good. Stretching the legs and getting out of the work environment is always good, as is being able to just enjoy some fresh air.

So, go for a walk at lunch and you might find that you feel a whole lot more optimistic than you would if you just got in the car and drove to a fast food outlet.

8. Go nuts!

Are you someone who tends to enjoy some snacks during work? Most of us do it. Instead of eating chips and chocolate bars, though, get something a bit more wholesome. Either buy a pack of unflavoured nuts or try and get one of those nut bars. These are better for you but also tend to give you something with more slow-release energy.

Now, as you work, you aren’t so likely to be hit by a sugar crash than you would if your snack for the day was a chocolate bar.

9.  Walk when you talk

When you happen to need to talk to a colleague, make sure that you move around. Got a wireless phone for taking calls on? Then walk around as you answer your calls. It helps to stimulate the body, improve blood flow and also helps you to come up with more important things to say. Simply standing still and not saying enough to the people who you work with isn’t going to help you out much. Moving around helps to stimulate body and mind, improving the flow of blood as well as the flow of your conversation.

You’ll also avoid cramping up and sitting down for too long, as well, which can only be a good thing!

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Liyana Perry

Liyana Perry is a writer at, she has a passion for writing blogs about natural health and spirituality. She enjoys long walks with a breeze and finding ways to make dessert healthy.

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