Startups Using Israeli Military Technology – Bringing Military Technology To You5 min read

Did you know that the same Israeli technology used to track the virtual movements across the internet of terrorists with multiple social network accounts and various aliases is being used to protect you from fraud?

BioCatch’s software checks more than 500 bio-behavioral, cognitive and physiological parameters to create unique user profiles for visitors to banking and eCommerce sites, distinguishing between good users and criminal users.

Ron Moritz, head of enterprise infrastructure and cyber security software for the equity crowdfunding platform OurCrowd and BioCatch’s former interim CEO, said the company’s software tracks hand tremors, hand-eye coordination, the distinctive way an individual moves his mouse, taps his phone and types on his keyboard, and other behavioral traits to create a user profile that can be continuously authenticated at every stage of an online banking session.

“The software can differentiate between a legitimate user and someone who accessed your account nefariously by delivering a cognitive biometric profile of each legitimate user,” explained Moritz. “This is the next revolution in fraud protection. It’s brilliant, only-from-Israel stuff.”

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