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Can There Be Spirituality Without God? Drawn to the humane in humanity I believe that there is essentially good in all people, despite our living in a world with some chaos and many challenges to be overcome. Most of us naturally strive to survive well, enjoy our lives and succeed.  We also seem to seek that mysterious thread of life that seems to bind us to the universe, its wonders or some miraculous power that brought us here.

My interest in religion, philosophy, psychology and politics has taught me that our journeys through life, although all unique and different, all aspire to the same. Religiously, Christians and Muslims follow a path of goodness that will lead to eternal reward after life while Buddhists and Hindus follow karmic guidance for deliverance from earthly actions to heavenly nirvana. Philosophy ardently pursues the search of truth and morality using logic and reason without any thoughts of paradise, similar to scientists, who just eradicate the philosophical linguist journey en route to their discoveries here on earth through physics to explain existence.

Our material lives are governed by either left wing political policies that endeavour to redistribute wealth fairly and create social safety nets, while right wing politics attempts to achieve greater power and wealth for the individual or those who are so inclined. Our contemporary society is also abundantly full of spiritual, homeopathic and alternative healing experts, astrology chart readers, motivational life-coaches and speakers. There are additionally, many entrepreneurs who have diverse ideas about how to solve the problematic issues in modern life, with innovative new mode of life ideas, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates for example.Their inventions have connected more people than ever, perhaps even more so that artists who have shared their creations or music.

I am not a seeker of any path because I believe all paths lead to the same place and any journey depends on our geographical location, cultural influences and experiences which shape our belief and value system. I have floated between religious beliefs, predominantly eastern in my adult life, pantheism and in some dark moments atheism. Still I am always interested in following deeper experiences and to engage with others to question our consciousness and exact purpose of evolution in this time era. One latest doors of perception opener was a book  Irreducible Mind,  written by various psychologists who advocate further research into consciousness surviving death. In other words, the spiritual goal of most religions, except of course it uses psychological scientific jargon to define life, consciousness, its purpose and end or transformational destination into the unknown.

We are here to grow and evolve, making the most of our lives and of others’ on the planet for the time spent on earth. As we are all disposable, the human race will continue to evolve with or without any of us, despite our ego’s all being tied up into discovering and needing to explain our overall purpose of needing, wanting or just living a meaningful life. But it’s always good to meditate on our connection to all that is, to improve our understanding of this universe and our global network. It is therefore troubling when free thinking is simply reduced to one methodology or understanding, in our intellectual and heart felt spiritual quest for altruism in a mostly secular world. Be that indoctrination religion, consumerism in serving the materialist self or just political persuasion, life is intellectually multi-dimensional for a reason I think. Thoughts can turn the lock in the key to wider fields of perception. If we dare, as the Socrates cave anecdote, to walk outside our caves of narrow mindedness.

Momentarily in our material world reality outside our spiritual desires, the American election has delivered us the epitome of what the western modern world symbolises and it’s hard to see the good in the outcome or person who led such a materialistic and vicious campaign.  This leads me to believe that although many think they are on the right path because they follow a system of belief, whether they call it God, abundance, Allah, Trump, love or Labour, that there is actually no path in life. Any attached belief to one way of life essentially always ends in a self that is disconnected to the rest because humankind is so diverse, so unequal, so completely different, continent to continent that any one-way thinking eventually inadvertently does harm to others. Whether we are conscious or not of that fact.

Perhaps because we are able, in this technological age, to publically describe our internal processing of the world, we have gone overboard in expressing ourselves. Imagine the information overload due to social media and the broad scope of cultures, nationalistic beliefs or religion influencing opinions left right and center. Trump’s presidency in this rather secular world, is a mass shift from collective consciousness growth through any moderate spirituality, to a world more embedded in materialism than ever before. I use the word spirituality carefully and could use the word enlightened 21st century consciousness, but I think even consciousness is not contemporary enough and we need to change it to experience. Purely because, although consciousness might be the binding factor to our collective force of humanity, (religion and spirituality certainly isn’t) it does not mean that our subjective experience of it, is anything other than a participation, through processes of nature when we experience connection to all that is. When we speak of life of death, perhaps then we can refer to it as spirit.

Whether upon death our Consciousness returns eternally to unconscious nature or whether it recreates its consciousness through religiously minded reincarnation is still a subject of much debate.  Many feel that through love we can heal the world of all its ills. However, although consciousness creates love, it is not love, as we see its reflection in our material world, where much harm and good is done in the name of humanity through ‘love’ of our beliefs, systems or religions through our so called conscious minds. We have such a need to define, categorise and name our feelings and thoughts, whether we believe in spirituality or an external god, and here lies our inefficiency in being able to transcend our intellectual understanding or experience of the material world because we require a set of beliefs to recognize our inner selves, whether we call it religion or by any other name.

All kinds of Spirituality are big business today but it is really no more than just a material commentary on human subjective experience while we are trying actually to liberate our experience from the material world alone. Our continual projection of these individual experiences onto a system of beliefs seems to be driven by an innate desire to create an objective whole. But the very need of a belief system in this intellectual and physical world is what locks us in materialism. I tend to grow indifferent to this material show of our being good or bad through various belief systems because I believe both good and bad are complementary opposites of ourselves and society, which are necessary for experience and growth. Which along with all other opposites, provide an arena for us to deepen our understanding of our dualism alongside nature in order to peek through its porous field and be able to experience our true nature without being bound by the materialistic ego.

So to conclude I believe the material self attempts to find the path so as to experience it are futile because as Alan Watts the philosopher said, ‘in the dance there is no place to go because the dance is the going.’ Prince once sang, in 20ten in Lavaux, ‘whatever path I choose will lead me home’. There is no path.  Life experience of the sacred is moving across a spiderweb of finely woven threads, invisible to the eye. Spiritualism or religion through whatever book or course I believe, is unable to present or teach this to the general public. Especially not through any business, because the very act of doing so, reflects our identity in a material reality of which we are all already so aware and gravitationally stuck to. Seeking or believing in a path is just not a true reflection when we need to mirror our beliefs externally, because as long as we are identifying with them in the material world, we are not reconciling our being-ness within the natural realm of existence. We see and show our reflection in the mirror and explain the mirror (our beliefs), but being is neither the mirror or its reflection. It is just the natural process between both, when the cause (material mirror) and effect (material image) are reconciled into one. An invisible experience that requires no worship or following of either the cause or the effect because it is both simultaneously. Nothing to prove and nowhere to go. Being needs no path.

The current book I am writing will cover all aspects of this post and spirituality in greater detail.

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Can There Be Spirituality Without God?

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Bohemian, non-materialist, integrity, authentic, observant, and conscious living.