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Terence Smith

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Solo: A Star Wars Story may have been released six months too early for my liking but nonetheless is a welcome addition to the ever-growing Star Wars franchise.

Solo is the second anthology based film to be released since the recent remount of this universe by Disney in 2015. It is focused on exploring the origin story of the much loved character Han Solo portrayed by Harrison Ford in the original Star Wars trilogy. In Solo, the titular character is played by relative newcomer Alden Ehrenreich who has captured the essence and nuances of what makes Han Solo such an iconic personality in the Star Wars universe. He is suave, cunning, charming and endearing and it is clear Ehrenreich had done his homework! Onscreen partner Emilia Clarke portrays the most interesting character in this film as Qi’ra. Together the duos chemistry is undeniable and Clarke brings depth to what I thought would be a character similar to Princess Leia. I really hope this isn’t the last we have seen of these characters onscreen together and going by the final scenes of the film it certainly won’t be. Speaking of those final scenes there is a major twist and reveal which left me both confused and excited so keep your eyes peeled.

Along for the ride with our leads is a great group of supporting characters; we have Woody Harrelson as mentor Tobias, Donald Glover as a younger version of smuggler Lando, a comedic protesting robot ‘L3’ and of course my favorite Wookie, Chewbacca. The Star Wars world has struck gold with this cohort of characters; they are all interesting, likeable and don’t feel like recycled versions of previous characters we have already seen.

Story wise Solo doesn’t really stray from what I expected, it is fairly simple and easy to follow for super-fans and newbies alike. In saying this don’t expect to see any light-sabers in this one, think of it as more of a sci-fi heist film. We learn how Han got his name, see how he met and befriended Chewie and more importantly witness their first adventure in the Millennium Falcon. It really is a movie for the fans that I am more than happy to enjoy. Of course Solo isn’t quite as iconic as the original Star Wars trilogy but certainly fairs better than the previous anthology film, Rogue One. Thankfully it also doesn’t delve too much into its comedic elements as seen in the current Star Wars trilogy but is a nice, equal blend of action, character development and comedy.

My major problem with Solo is the fact I feel it has been released way too early. I feel like its release should have been held off until the end of the year given it is only six months since the last Star Wars film came out. This of course is easily seen due to low audience numbers across the globe. The people have spoken…we want Star Wars but not all at once so go easy and don’t be in any rush to release the next one please.

Solo is most certainly still in cinemas and a great film to watch for all. The elements of what makes Star Wars so great is all there; killer CGI, loveable and interesting characters, great battles, comedy, adventure, the list goes on…so grab some popcorn and a choctop (if you can afford it) and enjoy whilst you can!

🌟 Rating: 7/10
🍦 Rating: Mint Choc Chip ~ A winning combination of action, adventure, comedy and suspense speckled with characters you already loved and new ones you are sure to love just as much.

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Terence Smith

Owner of Large Popcorn & A Choc Top Follow us on social media Facebook: Instagram: @largepopcorn_and_a_choctop