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Sometimes new things can be a little confusing. Here at Soapbox, we thought we would put together a Soapbox User Manual with useful information to make you more productive on our platform. These articles will be short yet comprehensive outlines as to best use the site.

Lets begin… Alright, you have registered and cliched the activation link in the email. You log in for the first time and are presented by this.


This is your, as the author’s, personal dashboard. From here you can review your live and pending articles, submit new articles, edit your profile, see what other authors have written (Community Activity button), see all active members, create or join member groups and logout.

Lets look at submitting a new article. After clicking the ‘Submit New Article’ button, you will arrive here.


To submit your article for approval, you will need to add a title, body text (your main article) or video (this will be explained below), a category, tags and a featured image. Tags must be specific to your article and separated by a comma. e.g. An article on the automotive industry will should be in the Automotive category and have tags such as Cars, Ford, Ford Mustang, Ford Ranger, Ford GT,

You are also able to (and encouraged to add media to your articles). Clicking on the ‘Add Media’ button will bring up this screen…


This is your personal media library. You can upload media here and no other used will have access to it. You can upload files by clicking ‘Upload Files’ and selecting the file you want.  This is where you can upload videos. Another way to upload videos will be to embed them from sites such as Youtube. You will see this same media library when you upload your featured image. You can scale media to different sizes in the media library. If you post a video, the featured image should ideally be a screenshot of the clip.

Once you have written your article, added your media, designed it how you want and proof read it, click the ‘Submit’ button. Once you do, the article will come to Soapbox’s editors for approval. Your dashboard will look like this…


Notice how the article is now sitting in the ‘pending’ tab? It will stay here until an editor approves it. Once it is approved, it will automatically be moved to the ‘live’ tab. While pending, or even when live, your articles will be available to be edited.

Did you know you can leave notes for the editor? This would be useful if you wanted your article to fall into several categories. e.g. If you wrote a film review, you may want the article to come under the ‘Films’ and ‘Reviews’ categories. To leave a note, please use this format at the very top of your article (above the body of text you have written) – ****Please categorize my article as both ‘Films’ and ‘Reviews****. Our editors will delete this note before we publish your article and will ensure both categories are applied (currently we limit authors to only picking one in the Submit New Article section.

Found this guide helpful? Let us know in the comments. What would you want to see a Soapbox User Manual on next?

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Checking articles and providing authors with assistance since '16 - [email protected]

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