Why Small YouTubers Need Your Support2 min read

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Kae Kae Blacc
I'm an 18 year old small youtuber who has a lot to say and a lot of talent.
Kae Kae Blacc

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How many YouTubers do you follow on a regular basis? Does it feel that you only ever see the same faces on YouTube all the time? I do and quite frankly I’m tired of it.

What do I want to see from YouTube?

I would like to see some fresh new faces with fresh new content. Did you know that there is a whole community of small YouTubers out there? This community is doing everything they can to be discovered and it sometimes feels like they can’t catch a break. I’m not saying that all these small YouTubers are great. They may not even be good but, if they actually had a following and audience to help them out, provide comments, constructive criticism and feedback, I’m sure they can succeed.

I am Kae Kae Blacc and I am one of those small youtubers. I am actually pretty awesome at it (so I am told) and I create good content as well (not to be too cocky). What I need is a good break. I need a larger audience so I can better my channel through feedback and have a chance of succeeding on YouTube. Check below for two of my videos. Why not subscribe to my channel now?

Do you know any other fresh, new YouTubers?

Are you a new YouTuber looking to get a break? Know a YouTuber who is looking to grow their followers? Please share this article to help me out and comment your own/their details below. Let’s get everyone’s subscribers up through Soapbox and social media.

Are you thinking of starting your own YouTube channel?

Are you considering becoming a YouTuber? Check out Vlog Nation’s article on 7 Mistakes that New YouTubers Need to Avoid. Its really detailed and provides a good basis to any new potential YouTubers

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Kae Kae Blacc

Kae Kae Blacc

I'm an 18 year old small youtuber who has a lot to say and a lot of talent.

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