Small Town Girl Becomes an Actress in New York: Despite Her Obstacles She Wants to Live the American Dream — and Inspire3 min read

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Coco de Bruycker has a dream: She aspires to be an actress, to inspire others and revolutionise the film industry.

The dream in the beginning

“In the beginning there’s always a dream.” This is what they used to sing in their first performance. At drama club, the 11-year old Coco found her first love: Acting. Soon she starts taking acting lessons, joined in workshops and at 17, she became a member of the young National Theatre in Mainz, her German hometown. That day it was clear to her: She would like to be an actress. But had she ever dreamed about a scholarship in New York City that time?

Obstacles since birth

Together with her parents, Coco was uncertain about her dream job. This is because there is something striking about Coco: she walks differently and has cerebral palsy. This was caused by a lack of oxygen at birth. The part of her brain that controls movement has been damaged. “Doctors used to tell me walking would get worse with adulthood,” she says. “Luckily I proved their predictions wrong: I improved, walking got even better because I never gave up.” — Neither did her dream.

After graduating from High School Coco went to London. “It was the Theatreland and I just had to follow my heart.” In London, she auditioned for the New York Film Academy. To Coco, it was more than a chance to audition, it was a chance to ask the big question… does she have a chance as an actress with a walking disability? What was the New York Film Academy’s response? “You’ve got lots of energy, you can inspire screenwriters to new roles.”

A week later she got accepted with a scholarship to an eight-month acting program in Manhattan.

Crowdfunding project: The way to a big goal

Coco has now been invited to New York to begin her course in September 2017. To start her acting course in the USA, Coco needs help. As studying and living in the Big Apple is pricey, she is looking for assistance with money. “My parents can’t afford that all by themselves and I just left High School. I’ve only got a secondary job so far.” A total of 50,000 US-Dollar is needed to cover the remaining tuition fees and rent.

Coco is looking to raise the money by crowdfunding. She has started a crowdfunding project called #NYCoco. “My studies are the way to a big goal, “ she says. Her dream would be that actors with disabilities were ordinary and taken as they are: human.

Becoming a part of the dream — changing the world

Coco has already found partners on her way: Musician Oliver Mager from Mainz finds her project “totally cool” and actor Samuel Koch calls to action: “Become a part of her dream, as it is mine!” Actor Laurence Fuller joined them by sharing Coco’s idea on twitter, too.

So there she is, Coco de Bruycker, a small town girl from Mainz. With a chance to live her dream, despite cerebral palsy, and to revolutionise the film industry.

All in all #NYCoco has already raised 10,000 US-Dollars. The project has many fans on Facebook. Now the young dreamer is looking for other film revolutionaries to join by summer 2017. Because Coco’s certain about this one thing: “Together we can change the world!”

If you would like to join and support the project you can do so and donate for her studies at

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