Skin Care Tips That Dermatologists Follow To Slack Up Ageing3 min read

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You wish your skin looked younger? Sadly, every minute and hour takes a toll on your skin by causing it to age. Ageing has more serious effects than just changing your skin’s appearance and it starts as early as you hit 35 or by later in midlife, depending on your daily habits. You don’t have control over certain natural factors, like degeneration of bones and hormones that give you a particular bone structure or the oestrogen levels that cause sagging skin.

Besides aging, there are also several external influences and factors that lead to premature skin aging. Most of these factors are related to lifestyle. The right anti-aging care can help reduce the damage they cause.

In addition to the venomous pollution, scorching heat, and humidity, there are some other external factors that lead to skin aging.

  • Nicotine
  • An unhealthy diet
  • Psychological stress
  • Excess alcohol consumption
  • UV radiation in sunlight

What Happens When Skin Gets Older?

When you age, several different processes in skin occur. It changes the skin structure, appearance and activity. Some of the most significant changes that occur during skin ageing are reduction in cellular activity, less collagen production, damage due to free radicals caused by UV exposure. These changes lead to loss of moisture, reduction of elasticity, the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and pigmentation.

When to start anti-aging care?

Experts are of the view that a woman between 20-30 should start giving her skin the protection it needs.  Age and skin type play major roles in choosing the right skin care product. It is good to choose a solution which is designed based on your particular skin type or age group. If possible get an anti-aging cream based on your DNA test.

DNA Skin Care

Your skin type, age and condition matters a lot when it comes to reaping the benefits of an anti-aging cream. Your DNA plays a vital role in determining how your skin reacts to various external and internal factors that cause aging. It also determines how your skin reacts to the solutions. Using skincare made for everyone else will do no good if your body does not respond to its healing properties. The new-age technology allows you to get personalized skin care based on your genes. DNA skin care will help you fulfil the needs of your body and skin and work in a way that your skin demands.

Vitamins and the Skin

Applying vitamins-enriched cream is good for your skin. If you add vitamins to your daily nutrition, it will have a bigger role in your metabolism. Choose skin care cream enriched with Vitamin E as it’s is an antioxidant. It gives protection to your skin against negative external influences. It has soothing and calming properties and provides the skin with the required moisture. Moreover, Vitamin E supports skin’s regeneration process overnight.

Eat well-balanced diet

Studies have found that fresh vegetables and fruits are healthy for your skin. Add them to your diet. It helps prevent damage that leads to premature skin aging. Avoid lots of refined carbohydrates and sugar as it accelerates aging. 2 servings of fruits a day will do you better than two servings of your favorite cookies.

Stress and Skin Aging

Do you know that stress causes your skin age at a higher pace? Our body reacts to stress in the same way as it reacts to potential dangers for years. Stress causes hormonal changes that lead to have many skin related problems like acne, hives, psoriasis, wrinkle formation, skin thinning and many others. When you stress, you undermine the skin health which results into premature aging. An anti-ageing cream containing creatine helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles.


Dermatologists hate over the counter products. Most of them would strongly recommend you to choose personalized skin care products for your skin.  Your skin is the only skin you will ever have. Protect it with all the care it needs.

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