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Who doesn’t love Mary Berry? The baking queen might not be on our screens in ‘The Great British Bake Off’ this year but she is forever in the nations hearts. Here’s why we love her –

1. We want her as our Grandma

Imagine the baking you could do together and all the treats you get to eat. I bet there’s no better place to be on a Sunday than Mary’s house for a roast dinner.

2. She wears the best jackets

I want them all. I’m pretty sure she’s single handedly responsible for the uprise of the pattered jacket trend.

3. She’s the good cop to Paul Hollywoods bad cop

Dropped your cake on the floor? Don’t worry. Scoop it back up (carpet fluff and all) and stick it back together with icing. Mary will just call it ‘informal’.

4. She’s partial to a tipple

A boozy bake is the way to Mary’s Heart and the next round of Bake Off.

5. ‘Accidental’ innuendos

She seems so innocent but who knows if they’re accidental or not. We all love it when Mary mentions soggy bottoms.

6. She does the right thing

Bake Off won’t be the same but by staying with the BBC, who have according to her statement ‘nurtured me, and the show’, is the right thing to do.

Why do you love Mary Berry?

What do you love about Mary Berry? Are you going to miss The Great British Bake Off being on the BBC? What is your favorite Mary Berry moment? Let us know in the comment box below!

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