Six Key Tips To Help Live a Healthy and Happy Life

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Are you happy? Do you even know what happiness is? If you ask this question to ten different people, you will probably receive 10 different answers. Each of us has a personal perception of the term and everyone creates its own happiness. But, very often, the sense of happiness is related to mental and physical health. Probably good health is the only wish that is common to all people on this planet.

The connection of happiness with health is not accidental at all, and according to several studies, happy people have less chance of suffering from a variety of physical and mental illnesses. Keeping your own health means nurturing your own happiness, and for this, we become aware even at the slightest cold, which prevents us from performing the simplest activities.

Move: Get active (as much as you can)

The simplest way to preserve our health is through physical activity. Physical activity contributes to reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Easy walking throughout the day can reduce blood pressure and stabilize cholesterol levels in your body.

In addition to the many physical benefits, physical activity contributes to significant improvement in mental health, concentration, thinking and learning. Certain sports allow the activation of multiple muscles at once, thus improving their function. The regular physical activity allows you to sleep better and therefore make you feel happier.

Eat: Compose the perfect plate

This is nothing new, given the fact that food is a source of nutrients that enable human functioning. Eating healthy food certainly contributes to increased resistance to various diseases. With that being said, healthy food can contribute to our happiness as well.

Think of the plate as your work of art and try to make the most perfect picture of dishes that include a dozen vitamins and minerals. For example, you can use the purple cauliflower that contains B6 which is essential for your brain and for creating neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. Play with the colors of the food and create a painting full of health.

Facing problems honestly

There is no man who at least once in his lifetime did not face any problem or an obstacle. In fact, the problems are the strongest source of nervousness and stress, that can greatly impair our health and inner peace. Facing the problems honestly means that our body and mind has the potential to endure and face problems much more than we think. Facing the problems honestly means that you are ready to approach what is struggling you and to solve it in a healthy way. Sincerity towards yourself and the rest is a great way to give yourself room for a mental balance, express your feelings instead of compressing them, and resolve something that has been bothering you for a long time. There is nothing courageous in dealing with problems, it is a healthy way of establishing a mental balance and a strong personality that contributes to your mental health and happiness.

Focus on others and have good friends

Much of how we feel depends on the environment we are in. Sometimes we are not even aware that perhaps someone in our surroundings subconsciously takes away our energy. It is therefore important that the environment in which you find yourself is healthy and cause positive emotions, at least most of the time. In fact, friendships positively influence health and happiness. A well-chosen group of friends gives you a sense of belonging acceptance, care, and love.

Moments spent with your close friends increase your happiness, self-confidence, you have someone you can trust and who will support you in every step of the way. There are studies which prove that people with good friendships have a lower risk of depression, high blood pressure, and other diseases.

Enjoying Life

Enjoying life does not necessarily mean luxury beaches and expensive clothes. Enjoinment in life is a time for yourself and for the things you relish without holding yourself. The most important thing is to be fully present at the moment with your mind and senses. You will not always be able to go for a walk in nature far away from the fast and busy life. The fact is that we cannot go anywhere without our smartphone, but we can use the technology for a bit of peace.

Smart applications like Jinglow, Calm or Buddhify offer sounds of nature that act curatively and would be a great companion in any activity you enjoy. Imagine a day without work with a good book, tea, and sounds of nature that galvanize your soul and relax every part of your body. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Being satisfied and appreciate what you have

Gratitude is one of the main qualities that happy people have. Being grateful for what you have means that you are satisfied with your own life. And while there’s nothing wrong with aiming for more, the pleasure of what you already have means that there are positive feelings in you that will maintain the peace in your body.

A calm mind is a way to a healthy body. Accept the things you already have with grateful attention, and in this way, you will have a clearer vision of the things that are yet to come in your life.

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