Serrapeptase: Effects, Benefits & Usage3 min read

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It is the most potent proteolytic enzyme. You may even find it as a natural supplement. The enzyme is found in nature as a substance that is used by the silkworms to dissolve their cocoons. As a supplement, it is just what the body needs to fight swelling and inflammation.  There are many other health benefits of Serrapeptase (also called as Serra enzyme). Let’s take a look:

Effective For Casein, Fibrin & Bradykinin

These are three proteins for which Serrapeptase is the most effective.

  1. Casein– It is the most abundant proteins in milk and cheese, but its clumps can clog the digestive tract. As a digestive enzyme, serratiopeptidase helps in breaking these clumps so that there is no clogging.
  2. Fibrin– It is the protein that holds blood clots together. It is the very ability of Serrapeptase to break the fibrin which also breaks up the blood clot. The cancerous tumors cover themselves with a layer of fibrinogen (a layer of fibrin). It helps these cells to avoid detection by the immune system. Serrapeptase may uncloak tumors for the immune system attack.
  3. Bradykinin– It is a protein that causes the blood vessels to dilate. It is this protein that is responsible for swelling of blood vessels around the injured tissues which in turn fill them with fluid. It causes them to pain more as they also swell painfully. Serrapeptase relieves pain and swelling by breaking up bradykinin.

Benefits Of Using Serrapeptase

  • Stops Food Allergies: Usage of Serrapeptase helps in breaking up casein and may stop food allergies and speeds up the digestion as well.
  • Speeds Up Healing: It may also help in breaking up of fibrin. It can treat bruises and also makes for quicker healing of skin after cuts and the scrapes.
  • Stops Inflammation & Swelling: With the use of Serratiopeptidase breaks up bradykinin and stops inflammation & swelling after surgery and athletic injuries.

Effective In Following Situations

  • Sinusitis: You have been using an over the counter pain reliever like aspirin to control the pain. Serrapeptase will control the swelling and allow the sinuses to drain.
  • Cleaning Out Damaged Tissues: You have bruised tissues or torn ligaments or tendon, and once again you are using an over the counter pain reliever to control the pain. The serratiopeptidase help clear out damaged tissue so that new tissue can take its place.
  • Stopping Swelling & Pain: the enzyme can help you in stopping swelling and pain once the dental procedure is done.

Using It

The usual dosage of the enzyme is 10,000 to 30,000 SU which is equivalent to 100 to 300 mg of the enzyme every day. Usually, you should be taking it on an empty stomach with little water. It should not be taken with milk. You should stop using the medicine when the pain or the swelling resolves. You should be storing the enzyme in a refrigerated environment with bottles tightly closed. The products you buy online are more likely to have been kept under refrigeration until you buy them.

What Are The Side Effects?

In medical literature, you’ll hardly find that this enzyme has few side effects. Few people have reported nausea, and there have been few cases of allergic skin, but the cases are rare.

How To Get The Enzyme?

You can easily find the medicine online and offline as well. Before consuming it just make sure that you are using it well within the expiration date.

In The End

There are several health benefits of Serrapeptase, just make sure that you are taking the doses properly.

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