Royal Rumble 2018, Here Come The girls

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Women’s Royal Rumble made history. On Sunday night, WWE made history, by including a women’s royal rumble. For the first time ever, stars such as Nia Jax, Asuke, Sasha Banks and Becky Lunch would fight in a 30 strong last one standing match.

The rules were the same as the male counterparts, both feet had to have touched the floor, and you had to be eliminated by being thrown over the top rope, not an easy feat for many of the female superstars.

I was both excited and cautious of this main event, with WWE taking more chances than ever, there was a possibility that this could be a monumental let down.

But it wasn’t….

WWE’s Princess Stephanie MacMahon led the commentary, often slipping in little facts about how hard these women have worked this point, with champions from the two factions Raw and Smack down,  ( Alexa Bliss and Charlotte Flair respectively ) watched on in support.

I knew there weren’t 30 women in the division to wrestle, so I expected a few surprises, Little did I know how surprised I would be as the match unfolded.

Former superstars battled new blood, in a move that mirrored the men’s royal rumble, with appearances from Kelly Kelly, Jacqueline, Molly Holly and Michelle McCool, all looking at the top of their game.

We had women of different shapes and styles, and even a few daredevil moves that really picked the audience up from the emotional roller coaster of the night, Naomi navigated her way around the outside of the ring to avoid elimination, Nia Jax became a force to be reckoned with, often fighting the majority of the women in the ring.

There was a little comic relief from all the nostalgia when entrant number 16 came down to the ring, Vickie Guerrero, in full Vickie mode, before quickly being eliminated.

And a collective cheer when both of the Bella twins made an appearance, using twin magic to decimate half the entrants, the first time Brie had been back since becoming a mum.

My highlights from the rumble were entrants number 5 and 30.

Being a wrestling fan from the nineties, and seeing all these legends of my childhood come down to the ring, I knew there was only two ladies that could elevate this rumble to its peak.

Lita, and Trish Stratus

I’m not gonna lie, hearing both of their entrance themes as they came down the ramp brought me on a nostalgia trip I wasn’t expecting.

Trish and Lita had the best feud in the middle of my childhood, each woman putting a lot on the line for our entertainment.  Seeing them back on our screens, even for one night only, cemented the night in history for me.

The only part that I wasn’t happy with is that Lita was eliminated before Trish got into the ring, but you can’t win them all.

In all, the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble was everything the fans wanted it to be, with crowd favourite Asuke winning the title to go to Wrestlemania, it seemed that history had indeed been made, and made well.

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Royal Rumble 2018, Here C…

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