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Herman Schulz

Berliner with a fondness for literature, food and leather jackets.

Sometimes you come across a location that surprises you. On an unassuming street in a quiet part of Berlin, you won’t be blamed for wandering around for a good meal. No need to search anymore. Presenting the aptly named, Roamers.

What is it?

Located in Neukölln, Roamers gives you a sense of suspended belief. The Californian/western themed restaurant serves up delicious food in a charming atmosphere. The restaurant is decorated with cacti as well as other desert plants, mounted buffalo skulls and other stylings that help transport you from a suburban Berlin street to turn of the century western America. The environment is completed by the music which comprises of raspy voiced singers serenading over playing of steel guitars.


The food

Roamers serves up large portions at very reasonable prices. Meals served in skillets are accompanied by hefty chunks of fresh bread. Sandwiches are filled with combinations of ingredients that leave you full and content. The cakes and desserts, particularly the cheesecake, are a wonderful light way to finish your meal with a sweet after taste. The food at Roamers, cannot be faulted in anyway.

Where is Roamers

Pannierstraße 64. Berlin 12043.



At peak times, the wait for a table can be between 30 minutes to an hour. Don’t let this put you off coming here. The food is worth it. The atmosphere is a great and the staff are friendly and helpful. We hope you enjoy this place as much as we did! For further information, check out their website and Facebook page.


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Herman Schulz

Berliner with a fondness for literature, food and leather jackets.

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