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Going down any UK high street, you will see the likes of Ernest Jones, Goldsmiths and other mid to high end jewellers. Even big name brands like Tiffany & Co has a high street presence in some major cities. Now, online companies are looking to flip this aesthetic on its head. Introducing RENATASH. As well as having a high street location in West Berlin, this retailer is looking to grow on a truly global level. I sat down with founder Renata Taschlizki and asked her about RENATASH, the inspiration behind the business and what they are looking to achieve.


When was your online shop founded?

I set up RENATASH in 2015.

What makes RENATASH so special?

We offer women that luxurious feeling for everyday life as well as for special occasions. At RENATASH we offer for unique and unusual jewellery from internationally renowned designers and jewellery makers. As everyone has different tastes, we wanted to give every woman a distinctive offering that fits their style. Only select pieces, sourced personally by the RENATASH Creative Team, will be offered to international customers through our online shop and in our showroom in West Berlin. Avant-garde aesthetics, timeless classics, adorned with semi-precious stones and Swarowski crystals, are the hallmark of our fashion-conscious, modern women.


How did you come up with the idea for RENATASH?

I have always loved beautiful and unusual jewellery. Jewellery often has a lot of significance to many people. Not only does jewellery give off an aura of luxury and wealth, wearing jewellery also gives us a special feeling. We have never had so many options to adorn ourselves as individually as we have nowadays. From necklaces to bracelets to rings, anyone can wear anything that they like and want. Jewellery is an essential part of fashion and is an crucial accessory for many women. Decorated with the right pieces, even the most basic or simple of outfits looks more stylish. RENATASH was founded to provide high quality, unique and affordable items to women globally.

You could say I that my passion and knowledge ha taken my hobby and made it into a career.


What is it about jewellery that you find interesting and where do you find your treasures?

A piece of jewelry tells a story and reveals part of its personality. In turn, when worn it adds its story to the story that the wearer holds for it. Essentially, each piece of jewelry has its own meaning. With us you can find designer jewellery, but also special secrets that cannot be missed. We can even offer our customers detailed pieces that are handmade if they wanted something a bit more unique and ‘one off’.


Do you find it hard to let go of some pieces?

Since I am a passionate jewellery collector and wearer, I can definitely say that a piece of my heart is left in every diverse range for RENATASH. To see women who have found their favorite part at RENATASH therefore always makes me very happy.


Do you offer a personal, consultative service? For instance, if a lady said what she liked within a budget, could you suggest some pieces to match her style?

Of course we offer a personal, consultative service in our showroom in Berlin. We want to make every lady happy no matter what budget. We pride ourselves on having something for everyone.

How can people find you?

People can search our catalogue on our website, We are also searchable on social media. If you need some inspiration, check out our Facebook and Instagram pages. For a more personal service, feel free to email us at [email protected].


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