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Eric Burdon
Eric Burdon is a Youtuber and Blogger. He talks about positivity, his journey, and a growth oriented mindset.

Go to any successful individual in the world and ask them have they ever failed before and chances are they will say yes.

Now people can fail for a variety of reasons and in different situations of course. The thing is though, they had this one ingredient or strategy at it’s core that made them successful.

This element is so important that it’s quite literally the only thing you need in to grow from any situation.

And that element is self improvement

There are many things that comprise of self improvement. There’s a series of habits and desire to learn and to grow along with a willingness to fail amongst many other things. The concept though is still the same: you need to grow more in order to be successful. It’s vital to be working on yourself and learning from mistakes.

This is why I dedicate so much time and energy and have chosen to be in the realm of self improvement. I understand fully how important it is and is needed in order for us to grow as people.

Think about it

Even though we are learning new things, people are still unhappy. We have old systems put in place that haven’t been updated in decades ensuring people are uneducated about particular topics.

Don’t believe me?

Can you relate to this statement: “After I’m done university I will never read a book again.” I’m sure many people can. I used to for sure.

The thing is the world is still changing and growing and many people are left behind.

I believe many people don’t see the importance of learning things when they have professionals and other tools to do that for them. The argument that you have a dictionary or auto-correct so you don’t need to learn how to spell is utter nonsense. Even auto-correct can be wrong grammatically. 

Yes the tools and resources are helpful, I won’t be arguing the quality of those. However people will still have to have some general knowledge of how to do things. Sending emails is convenient and easy, yet even my mom doesn’t know how to send one.

My point is…

To take self improvement seriously moving forward. Practice and invest in yourself. I’m not saying go to school to learn, but find some blogs or even some books on subjects you are interested in and read up on them.

Many people have various experiences of how they see the world. We can all learn from different perspectives and walks of life. This is why I’ve decided to write and publish a book. It’s called The Shy Boy I Once Knewa story of myself overcoming doubt, depression and embracing change in my new life. I want to be sharing my story and experiences in hopes that it would help other people grow more profoundly compared to the pieces that I write here.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

Eric Burdon is a Youtuber and blogger. You can visit his channel at and his blog at

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Eric Burdon

Eric Burdon

Eric Burdon is a Youtuber and Blogger. He talks about positivity, his journey, and a growth oriented mindset.