NFL Free Agent Tracker, Guide, Discussion & Rumours 2018 – Best Free Agent Fits Across The NFL

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NFL Free Agent – Who are the best NFL Free Agents to look out for in the 2018 off season? Over the next several months, the rosters for all 32 NFL teams will begin to take shape for the 2018 season. This article will look at some key free agents and consider the teams they may end up be. Be sure to save this link as this article will be continually updated with new players.

NFL Free Agency – Key dates to remember
  • The franchise tag deadline is 4 p.m. on March 6.
  • The “legal tampering” period for free agents starts on March 12
  • Free agents can officially sign deals at 4 p.m. on March 14.

NFL Free Agent 2018: Allen Robinson

Best Free Agent Fits: Allen Robinson

Players coming off major injuries scare me. If they scare me, they should scare NFL teams too. An athlete can be a completely different player after suffering a major injury, but sometimes they return to form. Just look at what Adrian Peterson did after his major injury years back. Peterson is a freak athlete, which is not the case for everyone. Some players just can’t get back to form. Allen Robinson is one player who we’re not quite sure about at this point.

Robinson caught one pass for 17 yards last season before tearing his ACL. Previous to his injury, Robinson had been productive in his 3 years. He had 548 receiving yards in his rookie year, exploded for 1,400 yards in his second season, and then took a slight step back while still being productive in his third year with 883 yards. Based on the numbers we can see Robinson’s potential to a be a number one receiving threat, but the consistency doing it hasn’t been established yet.

Between his lack of consistency and his major injury, I can see Allen Robinson getting a “prove it” deal with a team this offseason. These kind of deals are usually only for 1 year because the team wants to see if they can return to being a productive player before signing them long term. Allen Robinson will be a boom or bust signing. It’s for that reason I think he won’t get as much attention as some other guys out there, but there will still be teams looking for his services.

See which teams Allen Robinson will best fit into…

NFL Free Agent 2018: Malcolm Butler

Best Free Agent Fits: Malcolm Butler

Coming off a Super Bowl benching, Malcolm Butler has the NFL questioning why that may have been. Butler wasn’t as good this past year as he has been in years before, but he wasn’t bad. There are a lot worse corners out there. I think Butler was seen as much better than he actually is because he played for the Patriots and he made that incredible interception in the Super Bowl a few years back.

Well I think it’s safe to say that Butler will not be a member of the New England Patriots next year, meaning that he’s going to be playing elsewhere. There are several teams who could use a corner like Butler. Everyone wants to create the next dominate defense, and to do that they need solid corners. Butler isn’t going to be a shut down guy, but he can be solid. Where may he end up playing next season?

See which teams Malcolm Butler will best fit into…

NFL Free Agent 2018: Jarvis Landry

Best Free Agent Fits: Jarvis Landry

The Free Agent Fits series continues as we continue to get closer to free agency. Today’s free agent is Jarvis Landry, a wide receiver who will be well sought after. In his first 4 seasons in the league, Landry has had 84 or more catches every season. Two of those seasons he had over 1,000 receiving yards. This past season, Landry was just short of 1,000 yards receiving, but can you really blame him for having a little lower numbers? His quarterback situation was not ideal in any way. Even though he was short of 1,000 yards, he did record 112 catches, which is a career high for him.

After proving he can be very productive throughout his first four years, Landry is in for a pay day. He fits with a lot of teams, but there are only a select amount who have the available cap space to give him the kind of deal he’ll be looking for. I’ve chosen five teams where Landry could be a fit based upon how much money they’ll have available and how much these teams need a receiver like him. Of course, these destinations are only possible if the Dolphins let him get away. They have the option to franchise tag him, which I think they’ll do. As of right now though, Jarvis Landry will be a free agent.

See which teams Jarvis Landry will best fit into…

NFL Free Agent 2018: Kirk Cousins

Best Free Agents Fits: Kirk Cousins NFL Free Agent Tracker, Guide, Discussion & Rumours 2018 - Best Free Agent Fits Across The NFL

NFL Free Agency officially starts next month, which means it’s time for some predictions on where the top free agents will sign. From now up until Free Agency, I’ll be doing a Free Agent Fits series, giving some insight into where the top free agents may end up. I thought it’d be appropriate to start off this series with Kirk Cousins, considering we officially know he’s going to be a free agent because of what happened with the Chiefs and Alex Smith. I’ll usually stick to about 5 potential teams for each player, but with Cousins I had to include a couple more because quarterback is a need for several teams this offseason. Below are some potential fits for Kirk Cousins. Keep an eye on these teams to go after him when Free Agency begins.

See which teams Kirk Cousins will best fit into…

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