NFL Free Agency – Where Will The Top Free Agents Land?

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A week from today the free agency frenzy will start. I suspect it will start with a bang. This off-season is one of the most intriguing in years. The man who starts off all the conversation is Kirk Cousins undoubtedly. However there are plenty of players in or near their prime that should make an immediate impact on a new team in 2018.

Every new football offseason comes with interest for where stars will end up and who will be on the market. In 2012, Peyton Manning may have been the biggest name to ever be up for grabs. Though when that happened he was coming off three neck surgeries and was seemingly well past his prime. Cousins is only 29 and still very much at the top of his game. With that let’s predict where some of this year’s hottest free agent players wind up.

Kirk Cousins

There have been multiple reports with Cousins’ side narrowing the search to two teams. The Cardinals and Broncos have been eliminated from the equation. The Jets and Vikings are the last teams standing. To me the choice wouldn’t be hard for a quarterback that wants to win now. The Minnesota Vikings should be his go to franchise. With a defense like that, it has to be his best option.

Destination: Minnesota Vikings

Case Keenum

Case Keenum is probably the next best thing this off-season. He had a huge year this past season. That being said, 2017 was his only outstanding season in the pros. Up to this point he has not stood out as a starter and it really hasn’t been good until he got on a team with a great defense and a young, up and coming offense. Keenum probably couldn’t command the amount of money Cousins will be getting. The Broncos don’t have much cap space and I think they’d be happy with their plan B.

Destination: Denver Broncos

Malcolm Butler

The tumultuous events that led to this point for Butler has been widely publicized over the last few months. He was late for meetings and partying on Super Bowl week. Many said he fell out of favor in Foxborough. If I were Butler I’d go within the division to prove I still have what it takes to be a top cornerback and get back on track. Reports have already linked Malcolm to the Jets.

Destination: New York Jets

Trey Burton

Burton is one of the best tight ends to be able to move on to another team in quite awhile. Every team needs a big receiver that can go up the seam and split a defense. Elite tight ends are harder to come by of late and when one is available there is sure to be a massive bid war. Many teams are in need of a player like Burton this year, but I believe he could be on his way to Maryland.

Destination: Baltimore Ravens

Muhammad Wilkerson

Defensive Ends and edge rushers are invaluable to every NFL franchise. When they are still playing at the peak of their game and become available to teams who are looking for a game changer, the league is put on notice. Wilkerson is a huge name to keep track of this year, no pun intended. He’s a big guy. Last year the Seahawks took a chance on Dion Jordan and it did not work out the way they had wanted it to. Jordan is now a free agent and Seattle is looking for another big man. Muhammad Wilkerson is their guy.

Destination: Seattle Seahawks

Comment below where you see the biggest names on the market landing this year. I will continue this series of posts as well as release my thoughts when the NFL Combine wraps.

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