News recap – Bitesize story summaries from over the past week – 23-29 November

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Fidel Castro and the Cuban presidency


Earlier this week, on the 25th of November, Cuba’s revolutionary leader Fidel Castro died aged 90. Cubans poured into the streets to lament and celebrate the life of the former Cuban president. Fidel Castro became famous for successfully leading a revolutionary coup in Cuba, bringing education & healthcare to the poorest of families and for surviving multiple assassination attempts. At just over 500km from Miami, Fidel Castro was able to set up his vision of Communist utopia in America’s backyard.

Cuba is currently within a period of 9 days of mourning for its former leader. Fidel Castro was a defining character during the Cold War. Fighting off a US backed invasion at the Bay of Pigs, Castro’s alliance with Mosco also helped trigger the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

While some Cubans mourned the loss, other rejoiced. They blamed the leader for the deaths of innocent people and for separating families. Scenes in Miami featured jubilant Cuban exiles and their descendants chanting and participating in a carnival atmosphere.

Fidel Casto’s brother, Raúl Castro has be the president of Cuba since 2008.

Ohio State knife attack


On the 28th Of November, 11 people were wounded as Abdul Razak Ali Artan, a student at Ohio State reportedly, drove a car into a crowd of people and then proceeded to stab them with a butcher’s knife. Somali-born Abdul Razak Ali Artan was a legal permanent US resident who recently transferred to the school.

Abdul Razak Ali Artan is said to have posted a ranting Facebook post in which he said he had grown “sick and tired” of seeing fellow Muslims “killed and tortured”. Shortly before the attacked, the student posted on Facebook, urging America “to stop interfering with other countries, especially the Muslim Ummah.” He went onto write; “By Allah, we will not let you sleep unless you give peace to the Muslims. You will not celebrate or enjoy any holiday.” US authorities are now looking into whether the attack was terrorism and said it would take time to determine a motive.

Abdul Razak Ali Artan was shot dead by a police officer outside the engineering building at Ohio State University.

US Representative Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said the attack “bears all of the hallmarks of a terror attack carried out by someone who may have been self-radicalised”.

New UKIP leader


MEP Paul Nuttall has been elected as UKIP’s new leader. The former deputy leader is to replace Nigel Farage as head of the political party. Paul Nuttall received 62.6% of the 15,000 votes cast, giving him a clear win over ex-deputy charman Suzanne Evans and former soldier John Rees-Evans.

After winning, Paul Nuttall promised to unite UKIP and “hold the Government’s feet to the fire” over Brexit. He carried on to say; “The country needs a strong UKIP more now than ever before, for if UKIP ceases to be an electoral force, there will be no impetus on Theresa May and her Government to give us real Brexit and we will end up with some mealy-mouthed, backsliding version,”

Plane crash in Colombia


76 people lost their lives as a plane crashed in Colombia on the 29th of November. The chartered airplane was carrying the Chapecoense football team as they were due to play in the first of a two-leg Copa Sudamericana final against Medellin’s Atletico Nacional. The plane came down in a mountainous region as it approached Colombia’s second largest city, Medellin.

6 people initially survived the crash but in the hours past, one of them has died.

The cause of the crash is unclear but Colombia was experiencing heavy rain and thunderstorms in the region. This bad weather has made access to the crash site difficult and had hampered the rescue operation.

FA sex abuse inquiry


The Football Association has launched an inquiry into allegations of child sex abuse involving several footballers. The investigation comes as the FA reported that they received more than 20 allegations from footballers coming forward. The head of the Professional Footballers Association, Gordon Taylor, has said that claimed abuse took place at Blackpool, Manchester City, Stoke City, Leeds United and Newcastle United. He went onto say he believes the problem could be nationwide days after a series of allegations were made against a former youth coach at Crewe Alexandra.

The FA released this statement; “The FA has instructed independent leading counsel Kate Gallafent QC to assist it with a review into the abuse cases which have recently come to light. The FA had already initiated an internal review which Ms Gallafent will now oversee, while it continues to also prioritise victim support and providing full assistance to ongoing police inquiries. At this time, with acknowledgement that a wide-ranging inquiry may be required in time, we are working closely with the police to support their lead investigations and must ensure we do not do anything to interfere with or jeopardise the criminal process. The internal review will look into what information The FA was aware of at the relevant times around the issues that have been raised in the press, what clubs were aware of, and what action was or should have been taken”

The FA’s Child Protection in Sport Unit will also be carrying out an independent audit into the FA’s current practises.

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